vrijdag, juni 29, 2007


al-Manar vs. Israeli Haredim

Okay, I didn't intend to post a new posting so soon, but this really knocked me out. When I was communicating with a staunch Hizb member I was told the song a Lebanese female singer produced showing her support for the Hizb was boycotted at al-Manar tv, since she was female and men are not allowed to listen to females (not to music in general, but especially not to female singers). Although this is far from 'my world' as I would like to live in (and chose to live in) - I respected (and still do) that people, both men and women, chose to adhere to such 'rulings' and be happy with it. And then, this morning......... I stumbled upon this article at Ynet, telling about a male singer not being allowed to sing anymore on Haredi radio stations because of his hi-pitched voice that sounds like a woman (the radio stations received angry phonecalls from its listeners it says) - loooooooool.

Listen to Fayzakov sing "Neshama Sheli"

dinsdag, juni 26, 2007



Lirun tagged me,

1. I knew to read and write way before I even entered kindergarten. My father used to teach me and get angry at me when I made a mistake. (in a good sense, he was one hell of a great father, although he liked the alcohol a bit too much on parties and such things).

2. I vividly remember like it happened y'day that I'm sitting in grade 1 (aged 6) and am looking outside of the classroom at the garden - thinking "I wish I was that flower, so I could be outside and feel free"...

3. Dancing with a "man" (owoooh) - of 33 at the age of 18 I asked him if he'd like to be 18 again. He answered "sure, but knowing what I know now" - being as old as I am now, I disagree (that time I didn't and couldn't obviously hold an opinion) - It is innocence that gives that beautiful color to youth...

4. I'm such a music freak that for everything I hear or do a song 'pops up' in my head (shame emoticon here) - all my memories are 'tagged' by songs... The song for this period of time is "Hold me now" of Tanya Stephens that keep on playing in my head....

5. Music can change my mood. It is not like I chose the song according to my mood but the other way around: my mood changes when I hear music randomly.

6. I am a person that is living according to her feelings. Unfortunately my feelings are the element that lead me. No matter how many times and how much I try to get 'brains' take over, it's no use: my feelings decide... For me. In everything.

7. I'm 50 & still learning everyday, not sure about anything, everything or anybody and everybody. I don't know if I admire young people totally convinced of their opinions or think they're silly (because I changed mine so often).

8. If you look at the palm of my hand, you'll see a child's hand. If you look at the outside you'll see a lady of 90 years of age or more. It looked like that since I can remember when. I think it's the metaphore of my existence: a child and a elderly - comprised into one being, making life's balance swing all the time to opposite directions. Never any tranquility.

9. My grandmother (from mom's side) pretended to know to read 'cards' and has predicted me since early childhood I would go live 'across the sea' - her prediction materialized. Since the Netherlands are across the sea from Israel.

10. I'm a 'personal space' freak as well. Personal space is thus much important to me that I can foresake my own benefits because I have to be fair and acknowledge that 'space' of someone else...


PS....Israelidiary, consider yourself tagged :D

zaterdag, juni 23, 2007


Mixed up

I'm too mixed up, confused - because of personal things, to post anything :-(

I will leave a song to get you in the mood.... I'm experiencing:


woensdag, juni 13, 2007


Israel/Palestine - In My Heart


vrijdag, juni 08, 2007


AIC - Administrative Detention....

Listen to this PodCast of a peace-worker (not activist, activists in my eyes are as bad as any warmongering individual) arrested and placed in administrative detention for 2 years without even having the right to know what were the charges held against him....

This is a painting he made in prison. If you go to the link above you'll see more paintings of his hand. What got me was the 'away' look on the faces of the people he portrays. It's like they're part of the furniture, without soul, without will, just to physically 'be' there and mentally somewhere else. Sad.....

Anyway, this site I place to show the 'other side' that wants peace and having their conditions, just like 'us' - but we're having the same goal: peace. Obviously. Why isn't the government of Israel recognizing basic human rights to these people? I don't understand. Of course, Israel has the right to defend herself and her citizens
ALWAYS and in ANY WAY and I support that for 100%. But, this is not necessary for the defence of this country. This is harassing people, making their lives even more miserable than it is already. For nothing.... for no good reason... As it seems even to counter peace-loving Palestinians.

No. This is NOT the right way Israel has the right to exist. When will Israel see this? When will it recognize that in order to be recognized to exist because of righteous reasons, it has to act righteous?

Again: One Life Is One World.... don't destroy a world there won't be where to live anymore at last.


PS, could someone, please, please pretty please inform me where I can find the following clip online? Or where I can download it? (It's Parfum de Gitane of Anouar Brahem)

Anouar BrahemParfum De Gitane

maandag, juni 04, 2007


Ray Hanania Scam

There is this person that is posting all over the net (ynet, MEY etc. and having his own website of course) - called Ray Hanania. He was the one having a post up at MEY in which comment's section the partiality and downright hatred towards Israel of that site was uncovered by me. As said, I refuse to post on hypocrite hate-sites anymore (for true hate-sites I hold no restraint since I love honesty, even if that is plain hatred) - and he commented on something I wrote - namely this:

Listen, Tsedek, Israel’s government has and continues to do many bad things. I don’t hear many Jewish Americans, who support Israel, openly condemn the hate speech that takes place in Israel.


I wrote him the following email:

Hi Ray,
I saw your reaction to me at the posting you wrote before last.
Since that forum disgusts me and I still like to comment,
here is my answer:
Have a nice day,
[my name]

Guess what I got back?

The only person spewing hatred and demonizing seems to be you ... you don't criticize, you hate. It's terrible. And you don't like criticism and when you get it you hate. Hate seems to be your answer and you keep your eyes closed ... thanks for sharing but I don't really read hate sites
Ray Hanania
Mr. Ray Egotripper - you can't stop praising yourself (see the NUMEROUS postings you placed all over about yourself and how 'good' you are) - but when someone brings in arguments you don't like (like at your ynet column) you refrain from answering because you accuse people of hate.

YOU are the one that has found a system to escape answering to criticism by simply accusing your 'opponents' of hatred. I am so sorry that I defended your right to write whatever you like in your ynet column so often. You, Mr. Ray Egotripper are simply not worth it. That's why I'm writing this blog entry, because my return email only stating:

good you showed your true face now, Ray. thanks.

came back being blocked as 'spam'.

Have yourself a nice ego-polishing profitable life over our backs, mr. Ray Hanania - you're yet another person added to the hypocricy list that's getting longer and longer all the time. For a 'moderate' you sure are too hateful when someone prove you're wrong - I hope they will realize that at ynet and give your place to someone that's really worthy of sounding his opinion that publicly, for you, sir - most certainly are not.



Are you in for a good laugh?

Then read the article linked below :D
I mean.... how deep can you get into denial-mode?
How fast do you need to spin in order still to look trustworthy?
Ask Amnesty International :D

Why do you think you are widely perceived as being biased in Israel? What steps to you think your organization can take to improve your image in Israel?

Donatella: "I haven't seen any comprehensive statistics. That is your conclusion that Amnesty is widely perceived as biased.

For detailed background information on NGO's you may want to explore NGO monitor's website (link hereunder). It astounded me that anything to do with Ford is even remotely taken as legal initiative to be behind "human rights" - noticing what role "Ford" played in Nazism. The Ford Foundation btw was also one of the main financial contributors behind the Durban NGO's demonization mission to call Zionism - racism. And still they're allowed to fund under false pretexts?

Anyway, Mrs. Donatella (family of the teenage mutant ninja's probably) rather prefers to live in her own little world in which she is locked up - and it's true comedy for others who are honest enough not to take advantage of the stage she's built herself and her group to watch her spin and spin in order to try to justify her so very obvious political bias.



NGO Monitor

PS - people and organizations like that are in my opinion a very big reason PEOPLE (like in Israeli's and Palestinians) - grow further apart from each-other and develop immunity for each-other's suffering, because of being demonized by those groups. If not this biased and politically founded report, my first thoughts and feelings would have gone straight away to the mother of Khaled Daud Faqih, the baby that is mentioned in the article, and I would be thus disgusted by the pain this has caused her that I'd condemn a-n-y-o-n-e that would do such a thing.

Thanks, Donatella - for successfully kidnapping the attention to yourself and your inhumane organization. This is my message to you and the likes of you!

zondag, juni 03, 2007



MidEastYouth forums have a tendency of blocking out everything that's not comfortable for them to hear. You may only criticize Israel but if Israeli posters confront them with things being said in the arabic world, they are being accused of having 'superior' feeling towards arabs. EXCUSE-ME??? This con website pretending to be looking for peace doesn't know the first thing about freedom of speech if it says things not comfortable for them to hear it. Personal attacks with false accusations are being made for those having the guts to post or comment something they don't want to hear. Even if it is packed in a cottonwool resembling package so not to hurt anyone's feelings. STILL, they find it in their capacity to twist and spin and take everything out of context (like twisting the subject on which you commented around and giving it a whole new subject) -

You give examples, you say you know something about a certain subject and they jump on you wanting to deligitimize your opinion by trying to cast doubt on what your integrity. I've completely had it with them.

I also have message for them FOR ALL of them posting there:

IF (!!!!) - 'you' at mideastyouth, ever really (and I mean REALLY) want to be a peaceforum, you start by controlling your demonizing-hysteria when someone posts something you don't like to hear and refrain from killing messengers. I am quite an 'average' Israeli, wanting peace for all and wanting justice for all and wanting nobody to suffer, INCLUDING Palestinians, (duh!) - So, if (!!!) you really want to search for peace and not just pretend: you've gotta talk to 'us' (average Israeli's) in the end. Because you know what? Only 'we' can make peace. Not your shitty little forum - not all of its members in the 'outside' world playing mr. and mrs. beautiful-conscience, nobody: just 'we', the Israeli's and Palestinians. And since you've already banned a Palestinian (because he was rude or something to that extend, as you claim) and many Israeli's already just walked away from your hypocricyforum, you are having a forum build on hot air, just to make yourself feel good.

And that, Esra'a, I think is exactly why you are having this forum: to shine-up your own self-image. Because for us, you reach nothing but more desperation for our hopes in 'you people' looking at you and your hypocricy.

The Sandmonkey? "No good source" - Memri? "No good source" - Yoni - "No good source" - eventhough all of them bring you things that ARE said in the arabic world you chose to focus on the messenger to distract the attention away from the things being said there. Now, that's OK. Only you apply a whole set of different rules for whoever feels the need to demonize Israel. You FORCE people to demonize Israel, or else...... they're at least with the Mossad or something, or anything else very "devillish" like a 'zionist' (WOW!!!!! a zionist, go hide quickly - you wouldn't want to see a zionist, mrs. prejudice). I have 20.000 times more respect for unbrittled hate-declarations than this self-righteousness based on prejudice and slimey hidden emotions that seem to like only Israeli's that agree with you in demonizing Israel.

This is for you Esra'a and MEY, or wait............. he didn't say this either *_* it's memri, so when translated by them, everybody speaking hate about Israel in the Arabic world goes free and are angels, you must think you live in Paradise already!

Enjoy your egotripping, girl - you seem to need it!


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