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Sands of Passion

Seen on Mideast Youth posted by a blogger called D.B. Shobrawy whose blog is here - I can't help but repost this for whoever reads here to see it as well, I was in stitches when I saw it. I know of course that posting such satyrical clips about this subject by a jew is somewhat seen differently than had it been posted by an Arab, but my intentions are not bad: I just think it's very funny, that's all.
If anyone has a nice satyrical clip about jews, israeli's or whatever I'm supposed to "be" - I'd like to see that as well :D

Have fun:

Tse :D


Iranian Code Pink Zionist Gay Conspiracy

Iranian Code Pink Zionist gay organization infiltrating muslim countries & muslim communities

When I thought I've seen it all I read the above 'link' while I was reading this blog (which also removed my comment; what is this thing with bloggers that don't allow for freedom of speech?? - Except that..... it isn't a link LOL. Click everywhere on the letters or the picture itself and nothing will happen, you will be taken nowhere :D So, in between all the "images" this blogger uses to manipulate his readers into what he wants, there is this of a self invented 'pink zionist gay conspiracy' - Man!!!! I bet you are scared, sir, this really sounds very serious and I advise you to take shelter because you never know what these pink, gay, zionists conspiracists can do to you.

On a happier note, I finally found a forum other than the usual 'peace-communities' that allows for Palestinians and Israeli's to talk to each-other. Unfortunately though, it has only a few single members and not that many topics yet. Also discussion hasn't started. Hopefully this will change and more members will join. Although sometimes I'm under the impression opponents in this conflict seem rather tired of each-other and cannot even bring up the energy to get into debate because both feel it's futile. Such a pity since now it seems human lives are worth less than words....

At yet another blog I was accused of being not as 'human' as I pretend to be (whatever that means). Only because I re-iterated the all-known fact that as soon as terrorists mix between civilians it is already too late anyway (meaning the reaction when those terrorists attack others can only bring hardship upon those civilians they are hiding behind). It seems the Lebanese Army has been shelling the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared indiscriminately. I have read that in several places so that might very well be true. On the other hand, still more Lebanese soldiers got killed than terrorists and civilians together, so it's not like they don't take chances in their effort to counter those terrorists of Fath el-Islam. Morally speaking I find this a complicated matter. Of course I'm 100% pro-elimination of terrorists but on the other hand every life is a world and if innocent people's lives are the price to eliminate those terrorists - you destroy one world each time...

To end my rant, I have a message for Mr. PalestineFreeVoice, inventor of the subject of this posting:

Have one on me, sir - and don't forget: they're all part of the life-threatening Code Pink Zionist Gay Conspiracy :D :D :D


zondag, mei 20, 2007



I had written a comment on "sabah's blog' to a posting he wrote with a circulation letter addressed to the Rolling Stones super-over-dramatizingly asking them not to come to Israel for a concert but to boycott Israel instead.
He has deleted my comment. Such a spoiled mummy's-boy. Darn I never get to understand those shortsighted people who only want to hear themselves and stick their fingers in their ears when someone is opposing their opinion and making them look ridiculous. Doesn't he realize he is only fooling himself? Poor guy :-(

this is the posting to which he desires not to hear anything else but 'yay+amen'

He doesn't realize maybe but he is contributing that while exercising my right to vote - I will ALWAYS vote for people like that to stay on the other side of the Ocean ;-)

This is for you sucker:


dinsdag, mei 15, 2007


Terrorattacks are being called hatecrimes from now on....

Here and here

are the stories of the father of 4 that was murdered by a French new immigrant yesterday in Tel-Aviv.

A French immigrant confessed on Monday to the murder of an Arab taxi driver in an apparent hate crime, police said.

The immigrant and his brother invited the taxi driver to their Tel Aviv apartment on Yona Hanavi Street "for coffee" after he had driven them from Jerusalem.

Police said the throat of 35-year-old Taisir Karaki of Beit Hanina had been slit and his body bore the signs of a violent attack.

The sincere question is being asked if the house of the terrorist will be demolished now [who are we kidding?] -

Also, the talkbacks: it is crazy but even this henous despicable act is defended by some in those talkbacks. However, luckily enough [or is it sadly enough?] - all of these hateful comments seem to come from abroad. As one Israeli woman wrote there:

I would like to mention, that unlike here, the Hebrew website is full of messages of condolences for the victim's family and utter disrespect for the murderers. I don't know who are the people from USA, UK, Singapore whatever that can't show compassion for the victim of this terrible crime, yet another result of the senseless tragedy of our region. It's obvious that regular Israelis, who endure this pain every day and not just read about it online, understand this for what it is - a cruel, unnecessary murder of an innocent civilian, a father and a provider for a family with 5 children.
May he rest in peace.
Thank God at least for that. It shows once again that from afar you cannot FEEL connected because the basic involvement sentiments in your everyday reality are lacking.

Karaki's father, Yasser Karaki, told Haaretz his son, who was married and the father of four children ages six to 12, had driven the children to school and set off for work at 8:30 A.M. "He was a good guy, he was not involved in politics; all he wanted to do was make a living for his children," the elder Karaki said.
I go with the first commentor in the Haaretz link above:

"For this you came from France?" - 05:13 / spare us

Rest in peace Taisir,


woensdag, mei 09, 2007


Not wanting to clash

maandag, mei 07, 2007


Oh Ali!!

I don't know how 'you' are reading the talkbacks of the various online newspapers, but most of the time I sit here chuckling behind my pc.

Here follows the latest joke, as commentary to an article called

Hizbullah: Siniora government more hostile than Israel

1) Siniora gov more hostile
What a joke ! How did the hizbullies manage to rearm under the noses the UN and leb government ? How did all these new rockets get there. with the help of Syria and who else ? hmmm it make you think does'nt it ?
Simon, South Africa
8) to 1)

Hizbollah did rearm..that's right but they did that without the acceptance of the Lebanese government..The Lebanese government and on the top of it Al Sanioora tried his best to stop feeding hexbollah with weapons during the war not now but he couldn't bocz our Hezbollah state which I consider much much stronger than the Lebanese government warned him.

We Hezbollah are not a state within a state. We are the state.
Ali, Lebanon
10) A state within a state
to no 8# Israel wont make the same mistake twice !
Simon, South Africa
11) to 10) remember my name and what you said
" to no 8# Israel wont make the same mistake twice ! "

If the so called states makes another attempt, I recommend to all your follow intruders in the so caleld Israel, to run away because this time we will be really ready for u guys...

Don't hide but run, run really far.....

Ali, Lebanon
13) to Ali
Ai ya Ali, bechiyat Ali, shut your "JORA" already, will you...
Nina, TA
16) bunch of losers
Ali, Lebanon
17) #16

let me give you one word of is really not too smart on your part to believe your own illusions.

next time, israel will be taking off the white gloves, shutting its ears to national outcries, bombing the entirety of lebanon and rendering you and hizbullah permanent cave dwellers without ever seeing the light of day.

it is such a shame that you can't warn yourself ahead of time. israel did you a favor by stopping its bombing of lebanon. nasrallah and his descrepit jihadies couldn't have handled more months of this constant bombings. this is why they sent saniora to the un to cry and beg israel to stop and this is why nasrallah admitted after the war that if he knew israel will react like this, he would have never started this war.

please be careful of what you wish for because it may come back to bite you in your ass. do not ever underestimate your enemy. we can take you out and we could have if it wasn't for the world and you crying "stop".


Sometimes I feel I'm reading the feedback of a computer game in which the contenders are bluffing themselves into being the best players....
Or, to say it in the words of "Ali": looooool


PS - Leb. or Isra. we both should start better listening to the good things Leb. has to offer and, dance, dance, dance.....

zaterdag, mei 05, 2007


Is 18 a magical number?

Well not for me (yes, I'm "back" blogging).


Eighteen Families Own Israel
Numerologists Unsurprised

Ben Murane

Concentration of wealth in Israel has increased, announced a study published by Business Data Israel in February. According to the study, just eighteen families earn one-third of Israel’s commercial revenues, totaling approximately 44 billion dollars. This revenue counts for 32 percent of income within the State of Israel, but does not reflect the families’ inherited wealth, savings or any income from investments outside the country. The families’ earnings increased four percent from the previous year.

The Labor party responded to the statistics, saying they were proof that former finance chairs and current Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu parceled off state-owned industries to cronies during their pushes for privatization. “It’s no coincidence that of the 18 families, at least seven are considered Olmert’s close friends,” the party said in a statement.

Meanwhile, one in four Israelis is below the poverty line, according to the National Insurance Institute’s January poverty report. It stated the number of poor Israelis since 2000 has increased by 600,000 to a total of 1.6 million people in 2005.

While many Israelis were disheartened by news of the country’s widening economic disparity, numerologists were tickled that the number eighteen continues to appear in Jewish life.

Tickled? Very funny (NOT).
It's like Israel is their private business....
Blow them.


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