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Israel/Palestine - In My Heart


The Palestinians don't know how to build anything.

Remember this.

Palestinians looted dozens of greenhouses on Tuesday, walking off with irrigation hoses, water pumps and plastic sheeting in a blow to fledgling efforts to reconstruct the Gaza Strip.

American Jewish donors had bought more than 3,000 greenhouses from Israeli settlers in Gaza for $14 million last month and transferred them to the Palestinian Authority. Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn, who brokered the deal, put up $500,000 of his own cash.

All Palestinians know how to do is destroy.
sasaand said
The shape of the future are not based on having a land it is based on having people with future to shape the land i like the song but it is old fashioned with its message because i cant identify my soul and blood with a land

I kind of have to agree with that. I am an American and yeah, that's a country, that's land, but to me it is also ideas of freedom, democracy, etc. That is what I identify with. Not land. That is what I am willing to die for, not land.
I feel that the video doesn't really give an accurate picture of the Palestinians.

Here are the True Palestinians.

All videos like this "In my Heart" do is make Israelis forget about the enemy they are facing.
Here is the difference between You and Them.


Never, ever forget that!
Watch this video.

It has more truth than the video "In My Heart"

Watch this video.

It has more truth than the video "In My Heart"

Israel/Palestine - In My Heart

i think it should be Israel/Palestines .. we have two Palestines now
Tse, for some reason you seem to attract nutcases to your blog. I respect your patience in dealing with them, but you don't deserve the abuse you get.

This Nobody fellow in particular is barking mad ;^), and is really only AlGhaliboon when he forgets to take his medication. He who warns is therefore excused...
The above video is very good.
|3run0 why don't you come and rescue me sweetheart? :D
there is no AG any more ... start getting used to it .. since the destruction of remnants of the Al-Askari shrine a few days ago, i decided to put an end to my MPD syndrome and gave up on my Al Ghaleeboon personality, switching completely to nobody... from now on there is only nobody .. i mean there is nobody here ...
Tse, phrased like that, how could I resist?

Nobody, you mahdist zionists keep confusing me. Alas, we'll need to find another source for out dauly AlGhaliboon bliss ;-).
About post-AG bliss i dont know but you can find lots of the angry arabs bliss here
I don't know. There is a diference between AG and AA, similar to the difference between HA and other militant groups; they are all deranged, but AG and his buddies are smart, and rational most of the time.

You can see the result on the ground. HA learns from its mistakes (albeit constrained by its ideological blind spots); the likes of Fatah are perennial losers who keep making the same mistakes with ever greater alacrity.
excellent point, bruno .. that's the difference... indeed .. the angry arab blog is a blog run by a loser for other losers ...

:D :D

you know if i would set up a museum of human anthropology i would provide a link there to the angry arab blog as an illustration to the mentality of losers ...
i mean he is a loser psychologically ... his blog is one big exercise in victim mentality
I never saw the angry arab site - should I have a look there?

The only blog I tried a few times to get a voice of reason into by inserting my comment is sabbah blog and there, my comments were not even published.

I think he's afraid of reason, logic and peace - think about it: the whole reason for his blog's existence would disappear if it became apparent that Israeli's are not the monsters he is fantasizing the existence of his blog upon.
for you the angry arab will make a very depressing reading .. people, who dont mind the arabs being what they are, find it a tremendous fun ...
He'll probably be one in the long line of selfrighteous egotrippers like sabbah -
Thus: no value at all.
The Arabs are what the Arabs are. Subhuman Savages. That is why the term Sandmonkeys so applies to them.
Anoniem, please refrain from making such racist statements on my blog. Dehumanizing other people is a very bad thing, you know!
Political Correctness is going to Destroy Israel.
They Dehumanize themselves.

Soon you are going to be at war with these people again. It is good to Dehumanize your enemy.

Don't let political correctness destroy you.
anoniem is cranky

Tse.. I was trying to lure you back with another foot competition but you don't seem to be interested.

Through THEIR behaviour the Palestinians have dehumanized themselves and have become a threat to all of civilisation.

They do not think like we do. And I agree with those who say we must not let political correctness be the downfall of society. We must fight against political correctness before it allows the Palestinians (and the other Islamo-fascists) to destroy us.
Please try to adhere to some form of sensitiveness. You cannot and I won't allow - to dehumanize anybody: neither jew, nor palestinian.

We're ALL human beings.

From now on, I will most probably use censure - on too racist remarks.

Please be warned.

Please (please, really, pretty pretty much please) refrain from racist remarks.

Let's try to talk, not to push eachother in a corner.

you all convert a humanity post (I think) to an aggressive assualt on Palestinian people..
for anoniem these links express the anger of Palestinian people...
These are reactions... The israeli troop kill hundreds of Palestinian People every month, tear tens of houses, and capture thousands of youths and even children...

You should understand that Any act of Palestinian that hurt any Israeli is a reaction and a result of what israael do...

These some videos for anybody want to know the meaning of Zionism:

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