donderdag, november 30, 2006



I'm disappointed. Probably it was to be foreseen, because my 'approach' to everything always raises eyebrows and is misunderstood generally (no, I'm not complaining - just stating a fact) - but - that's it: that's me, can't help it - I am who I am.

I saw this person posting nicked "AlGhaliboon" and he wrote he's a hizb-member. Boinggggg.... My curiosity flared up full force. You see: I'm an unaccepting person. He wrote "I'm your enemy" - (to MJT, American - and I'm Israeli so I'm just a tiny bit more his 'enemy' thinking along these lines) - besides, the hizb is an official full-fletched terrororganization by Israeli standards and I don't know any better (although as of this summer I know not all supporters -contrary to 'members' - are automatically linked to anything near 'terror' ideology) - but I can't see through this organization/country/religion/generalization-veil that hides people behind it. Why would a Lebanese guy I don't know call himself my enemy just because I'm Israeli? He doesn't know me. I can't accept it.

I started reacting to his comments on above blog, he answered (about Israel of course, sigh) and lied. He gave a whole list of 'conditions' (upon my request) under which the hizb would recognize Israel's existence. (That I know it's a lie I read later on at a forum where he wrote down the basic principle of the ideology the hizb has taken from Iran (Wilayat al-Faqih) which states among other things "Israel is a cancerous state and needs to be removed" )

I intruded on his blog. He responded, less polite than at the comments section of MJT's blog and very defiant, but still: reaction shows looking you in the eye (seeing you as a human being). Every time I got to the 'human aspect' of things - he bailed out and wrote about strategics or how good the hizb is militarily. Technical details etc...

Now, via a pm on a forum I asked him a question about something he wrote on that forum (and I didn't wanna go off-topic, since twice they already removed a reaction of mine that was 'off-topic') that puzzles me, and did not receive a response.

So, I'm disappointed..........

I wanna know the people (human beings) behind those blocks of enemy lines - that walk around with in their head those assumptions that the country I live in is such a horrible country which is only after more and more land and being greedy and ruthless to obtain exactly that - and based on those assumptions have developed the idea that my existence should be 'wiped from the face of the earth'. I wanna know people like that because I want them also to know me, I want them to know that real flesh and blood people live in Israel, no pawns or military targets or machines programmed with devillish greed without a heart - but people just like them. Him. Alghaliboon. Isn't that the biggest common denominator - being human?



maandag, november 20, 2006


Enemy infiltration

Whuhaaha.... couldn't let this one pass by without mentioning it here. I am just awake but it feels I'm still dreaming reading this:,7340,L-3330195,00.html
Training jet hits porcupine, 2 troops lightly injured
Plane hits porcupine upon landing. Soldiers take off again and land safely, then transported to hospital
I can just imagine it:

"sudden demand of breeding porcupines in Middle-East"

"newest weapon in the struggle against Israel: porcupines"

"price of porcupines sky-rocketed"

"no Israeli jet able to take-off anymore due to sudden infiltration of porcupines"


Okay, back to reality: poor porcupine!


vrijdag, november 17, 2006



“I do not accept the comparison between terror attacks and our defense operations,” Livni declared, addressing the extensive criticism due to the high civilian death toll in the Beit Hanoun strike last week.

The terror groups aim their acts at the civilian population, at kindergartens, and think of civilian casualties as a great victory. We do all we can to avoid hitting civilians and we educate our children not to hurt innocents. This is the complex reality we must face. I know that most Israeli citizens understand the complexity of the situation and don’t follow empty slogans,” she said.,7340,L-3329242,00.html

Is this so? I mean: I KNOW what 'we' (generalizing for simplicity's sake) teach our children, and she's right. But, from many comments on various forums there seems to be a whole lot of people who don't think so. They, and not only they, regard the IDF (that is made up of our children) as the ruthless aggressors killing indiscriminately. They take their account from the number of Palestinian victims compared to that of the Israeli.

On the other hand, I also read contradicting stories telling how cruel the IDF is acting against innocent Palestinians. And then there is the case of the many 'incidents' where innocent Palestinians got killed by them.

Still I believe in principle she's right in her defenition of terror. But, the so-called 'collateral damage' and 'collective punishment' bit - somehow falls in my vocabulary under 'terror'.

Complex? Ya'betcha!

dinsdag, november 07, 2006


My friend...


is one person I admire. She's not beautiful, far from that. She's not super-intelligent, far from that. She's not adorable or overfriendly, far from that....

but she's got survivor's instincts.

She was born and raised in a religious family somewhere here in Israel. She got married to a religious man from her own environment as being streamed into such marriage, since in those circles that's the path to take.

But then, after having 4 children and feeling more and more suffocated - she made a decision. Divorce.

She left the house with nothing. No job, no money, not even her share of the house's value, since she left that for her kids - so they wouldn't have to undergo extra changes and get them even more upset if they'd have to move.

She left Nethanya - got herself a job and rented worn-down, very depressing flats in Tel-Aviv - one after the other since every time a new obstacle arose and she had to leave. I visited some of those flats and felt gloomy...

Then, since she did want to 'live' she started participating in trips for singles. In those 3 years I've seen her going from hope to (almost) tears (she never cries). "It is suuuuuuuch a nice guy... soooo sweet." And then: they found themselves other girl-friends.

Her last boy-friend left her because her money ran out. She'd taken loans just to survive and participating on trips around the country -with him. Soon as she told him she couldn't afford it anymore, he dumped her.

Now she's taken up 3 jobs to start re-paying those loans, that she took in the first place to get rid of the overdraft and the bank was very pleased to supply her (grrrrr).

She's working from 07:00 am to 23:00 pm and when I asked her if it wasn't difficult she said "of course, but that's what there is". I asked her if, with all the problems and while not loving her husband that time she was satisfied with the present situation rather then enjoy the 'good life' under those terms, if it was worth it.... She replied without one moment's hesitance: "I'm free, of course I prefer this".

It is extremely difficult to unchain yourself outta the religious community -especially when you're born into it. It must have broken her heart to leave her children (no way a divorced woman gets custody of her kids if her husband is religous here). It for sure has landed her in the most depressing flats to live in since then. It got her in financial debt. She's still single, no boy-friend. She sees her children once in 2 weeks at her mother's place where her husband allows their children to see their mother while she puts on her headscarf and 'decent' clothing (meaning all-covered-up clothes from toe till chin).

All this and I keep thinking:


but I admire her for controlling her feelings. I would have broken down completely already, I know for sure....


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