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AIC - Administrative Detention....

Listen to this PodCast of a peace-worker (not activist, activists in my eyes are as bad as any warmongering individual) arrested and placed in administrative detention for 2 years without even having the right to know what were the charges held against him....

This is a painting he made in prison. If you go to the link above you'll see more paintings of his hand. What got me was the 'away' look on the faces of the people he portrays. It's like they're part of the furniture, without soul, without will, just to physically 'be' there and mentally somewhere else. Sad.....

Anyway, this site I place to show the 'other side' that wants peace and having their conditions, just like 'us' - but we're having the same goal: peace. Obviously. Why isn't the government of Israel recognizing basic human rights to these people? I don't understand. Of course, Israel has the right to defend herself and her citizens
ALWAYS and in ANY WAY and I support that for 100%. But, this is not necessary for the defence of this country. This is harassing people, making their lives even more miserable than it is already. For nothing.... for no good reason... As it seems even to counter peace-loving Palestinians.

No. This is NOT the right way Israel has the right to exist. When will Israel see this? When will it recognize that in order to be recognized to exist because of righteous reasons, it has to act righteous?

Again: One Life Is One World.... don't destroy a world there won't be where to live anymore at last.


PS, could someone, please, please pretty please inform me where I can find the following clip online? Or where I can download it? (It's Parfum de Gitane of Anouar Brahem)

Anouar BrahemParfum De Gitane



aywa, thank u :-)
that's where i got the music sample in my post from. i'm looking for the whole song :D
I agree. It's terribly wrong.
All Palestinian prisoners, regardless of the actions they are being suspected for, should have a fair trial.

But this site looks completely biased and Pro-Palestinian to me.
What was he arrested for? If they give his reaction and comments, what about the reaction of the military court or the soldiers that arrested him?

There is a difference between an Israeli-Palestinian Peace website and a Pro-Palestinian I-P Peace website. The latter always blames Israel for everything and it's just wrong.

Just like the extreme-left - they join the Palestinians in their protests and when Palestinians start throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers, it's as if they pretend they don't see it or simply ignore it. I think they're as blinded as the extreme-right. They believe in one cause and even if it's wrong, they'll find a way to justify it.
Hey soldier, sure ;-) But it doesn't matter who they blame, 'we' blame others as well - not everybody sees things the same as others. It all comes down to what they're goal is. They want peace and accept Israel's existence. Now they got claims and so do 'we' - and that's a very logical and understandable starting point for negotiating. If the goal wouldn't be the same - there was nothing in common. Now there is ;-)
I am not sure but this webpage might give you the whole song.

It tells me to open with winrar.zip... I don't even know what that is?
Isn't that for whole cd's or something?
May God bless you with wisdom and vision to find a way to solve this for yourself, Tsedek. It is clear you are a sensitive human being. The true nature of humanity is not to submit to any man, but only to submit to God. Once we do that, we begin to see clearly, though we may be in the midst of chaos and lies. Keep up your hard work of searching within, and trying to find answers. Most of all, take good care of yourself, for the world need you for long time, but never fear anything but the wrath of God.
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