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Are you in for a good laugh?

Then read the article linked below :D
I mean.... how deep can you get into denial-mode?
How fast do you need to spin in order still to look trustworthy?
Ask Amnesty International :D

Why do you think you are widely perceived as being biased in Israel? What steps to you think your organization can take to improve your image in Israel?

Donatella: "I haven't seen any comprehensive statistics. That is your conclusion that Amnesty is widely perceived as biased.

For detailed background information on NGO's you may want to explore NGO monitor's website (link hereunder). It astounded me that anything to do with Ford is even remotely taken as legal initiative to be behind "human rights" - noticing what role "Ford" played in Nazism. The Ford Foundation btw was also one of the main financial contributors behind the Durban NGO's demonization mission to call Zionism - racism. And still they're allowed to fund under false pretexts?

Anyway, Mrs. Donatella (family of the teenage mutant ninja's probably) rather prefers to live in her own little world in which she is locked up - and it's true comedy for others who are honest enough not to take advantage of the stage she's built herself and her group to watch her spin and spin in order to try to justify her so very obvious political bias.



NGO Monitor

PS - people and organizations like that are in my opinion a very big reason PEOPLE (like in Israeli's and Palestinians) - grow further apart from each-other and develop immunity for each-other's suffering, because of being demonized by those groups. If not this biased and politically founded report, my first thoughts and feelings would have gone straight away to the mother of Khaled Daud Faqih, the baby that is mentioned in the article, and I would be thus disgusted by the pain this has caused her that I'd condemn a-n-y-o-n-e that would do such a thing.

Thanks, Donatella - for successfully kidnapping the attention to yourself and your inhumane organization. This is my message to you and the likes of you!

Better their babies than ours.

For in the end it is either us or them.

I feel no guilt in wanting us to be the ones who survive.
i wrote about this too.. interesting isnt it
The Palestinians through their own behaviour have given up the right to be considered PEOPLE.
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