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Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't.
This is IT for now.......


woensdag, april 25, 2007


Hold me now ....

don't cry, don't say a word, just hold me now........what do you say when words are not enough?

Tse :-(

dinsdag, april 24, 2007


Jew or Israeli?

Article about the outcome of a poll asking this question to Israeli Jews. Quite surprising actually it is not. Secular Jews find themselves foremost Israeli while religious Jews think of themselves as Jews first. What's new?

Are you an Israeli first, or a Jew?

In a poll conducted on the eve of Israel's 59th Independence Day, 50 percent of respondents said they were Jewish first, 45 percent said they were Israeli first and the remaining five percent said that both titles did not represent them.

Eighty-two percent of religious respondents said they were more Jewish compared to eight percent who said they were more Israeli. The gap among the strictly-Orthodox population is the largest: 92 percent said they felt more Jewish compared to five percent that sees itself as more Israeli.

Among secular Israelis, 72 percent said they were more Israeli compared to 23 percent who said they were more Jewish. Among respondents who view themselves as conservative, 64 percent said they were more Jewish and only 27 percent said more Israeli.


According to Becker, there is an erosion of values perceived as 'Israeli' and in their stead people have begun to identify more with Judaism. Becker said that this is not necessarily people latching on to Judaism as a religion, but as a nationality, a culture and spirituality, a community with historic and familial roots.

What are you?

I'm an Israeli Jew, wonder where that fits in?



zondag, april 22, 2007


Sh'ma Israel

הלב בוכה בשקט ו-כשהלב שותק הנשמה זועקת



שפיות זמנית - הקיץ...


Edit: I wanted to add this

zaterdag, april 14, 2007


DAMN IT @&*#@

Go read here and see what I mean with all my postings about the HUGE failure of Israel being a 'light upon the nations'. My eyes are bulking, my heart breaks and I feel this uncontrollable anger rise in me when I read about this, this, this and this - GRRRRR &*@%$@

Read her blog... it is the story of how a country can ya'ani legally dissolve any right on decent, dignified, existence people have if they haven't got enough money to compete against stinking dollar-hunting hyena's. This is no 'light upon the nations': that superficial hi-tech image they want to transmit to the world of "enlightened democracy" - this is a clique, millionair's club.

The home is almost empty. Even the refrigerator and cooker have been taken away (i believe this is in fact illegal). All they have, are the beds they sleep on. And a TV donated by a friend, which has receipts stuck on it, to prove it doesn't not belong to the family, so it will not be taken away.
The 17 year old girl is seriously considering going into prostitution: "she can make far more money that way", so she said.

As a believer in Judaism I am convinced that not your enemies will finally bring about your destruction but your worship of the fake-God called Money - because for your people you show absolutely no respect....


[Exodus 23:7] “Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked.”

vrijdag, april 13, 2007


HIV-free Israeli-Melons

Sorry this one is too good to let go, gotta have some part in the fun as well, not only hardships :D :D :D


it says:

'Israeli melons have AIDS'

Text message spreading through Saudi Arabia claiming melons entering the kingdom from Israel are infected with AIDS causes frenzy. Officials deny rumors.

The rumor, despite being denied several times, has gained so much steam in the Arab world that it made it to the front page of one of the most important Arabi language newspapers.
Many received an SMS supposedly from the Saudi Interior Ministry saying, "Please forward quickly."

Goodgolly Hahahahaa....

But wait!!!!

Head of the center for chemicals and toxins in Mecca, Dr Ahmad Elias also stressed that there was no truth to these rumors.

Dr. Ahmad Elias? Dr. Elias?? Like the Jewish name Elias??

OMG :D this must be true then, those melons are definitely infected with AIDS - it's all a 'zionist conspiracy' Dr. Elias :D With a name like that you thought you could fool us, hey? Hahahaha...

I'm in stitches (sorry it's not nice to laugh about your fellow-human beings, but this is just too hilarious) -

Over and Out with a Huge, Huge smile on my face :D

donderdag, april 12, 2007


Wonderful world, beautiful people

Third of Holocaust survivors poor :-(
Having worked for a lawyer's office that amongst other things dealt with the insurance money of an Italian Insurance company involved in insurance claims from Holocaust survivors, I only know TOO well how much money those 'intermediaries' are making out of it. This is not a sum of hundreds, but of billions of dollars.... all out of the money they pretend to claim on behalf of their clients - the rightful owners (that had insurances on in Europe when the Holocaust erupted). Those 'directors' go out to tropical resorts to 'negotiate deals' - 'discuss agreements' - 'sign contracts', fare magnificent on 'commissions' and 'interest' and live their live in luxury - but in the meanwhile........ as you can see:

a third of the Holocaust survivors in what is supposed to be 'their homeland' - live under the poverty line not even being able to obtain the most basic human needs (like hearing aids, medicines, etc.) . Great going, Israel.... Kol Hakavod :-(

Especially seen that the Holocaust monies have made a story of their own already, called the Holocaust-industry - you (Israel) foresake the people whose fate you use and misuse for the justification in almost everything you do, leaving those where it is all about -
PEOPLE- that have suffered things that are too horrible to even imagine and you use in your justifications - out in the cold. Israel: j'accuse !!!!!!

If you will go on as a bloodsucker taking advantage and then let PEOPLE suffer (look at Lirun's mashtaf story and now this) - and will not show humanity & compassion- you: Israel, will be doomed. "A light upon the nations" - is supposed to have a heart... Where is yours, Israel?



Many of the survivors suffer from mental distress and loneliness, and lack proper social and family support networks. Some 50,000 to 60,000 survivors are in need of some level of nursing, as 73 percent of this population is over the age of 76, and about a fifth is over 86.

and here:

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I know, I'll always stay that irrational, emotionally imbalanced sillywillie with whom not logic discussion is possible. I fly from the Lebanese lfpm forum reacting to someone who wrote that Israel won't exist anymore in another 25 years by stating that I will defend it till my last drop of blood (and I mean it) to feeling the tears roll over my cheek when reading that Zakhariya Zubeidi was shot at this afternoon. I don't know why but... I like him. I would probably kill him first if I could if he would point a gun at 'my neighbor' (indicating boys that I know from the time they wore diapers and are in the IDF now) - but until such time whenever I see a photo of him and hear he's been in harm's way - I mostly feel like taking him in my arms (motherly) and trying to soothe him. I have no idea how I can mix these feelings of killing to defend and holding him close to my heart to comfort him assimilate together. But I do.

Many bloggers who 'know me' - have been introduced already to the 'Arna's Children' story. The DEEP, DEEP tragedy of kids looking forward to their future - releasing some of the tension of everyday life by joining and enjoying a theater group for children in Jenin - end up with most of them being dead - except for Zakhariya, who's at this very moment and since long the 'most wanted' on Israel's hitlist.
There's a 'hand of the devil' taking control of us, all of us, here in this region, because....

how does a promising and good-natured child (Yusuf Sweitat)
for instance end up being a terrorist that guns innocent women he doesn't even know down in Hadera (in 2001) before being shot dead by police? How come this kid is turned into a pawn of this game the whole world is playing with our lives if he specifically declared he loves theater, he loves life.... how? I would kill him (Yusuf) as well. I would really, if I could stop him from killing innocent lifes that day in Hadera. Without a second thought even.

But that doesn't mean I don't mourn for the life of such a sweet boy with high hopes that was so tragically wasted only because he lived in the wrong time at the wrong place and was witness of death and destruction he couldn't bear to see......

So, back to Zakhariya, the only one still alive from that theater-group - He was shot at today, sustained injuries in the shoulder and is fine he told ynet reporters. Why do I feel concern for him and was rather shocked to hear about this attempt on his life? He said he would 'fight the occupation till the end' - so he's a potential killer of 'my neighbor in the IDF' for whom I care a lot about and much than Zakhariya (whom I've never known except for through the news of course). Why?

(Because he looks cute LOL - nah, just jokin' - although I do think he looks very good)

It must be something his eyes tell me. They're not sad and not happy, they don't really show any hate in them.. but they got a look that tells you he's 'given up' and doesn't care anymore because anyway he can't change the situation other than by puting his life in the scale. The life of a boy whose mother opened up her house to let 'Arna's Children' theater group dream of a future....

and was killed in front of his eyes.,7340,L-3385454,00.html

woensdag, april 04, 2007


Yossi killed Atari :-(

Maybe not spectacular news but I find it so sad. Also: unbelievable. Why would an elephant kill another elephant all of a sudden while they're living together for so many years ?

Of course, nobody is Dr. Dolittle and can speak their language, so who knows what they have been saying to each other over all those years?

Poor Atari :-(
Poor Yossi as well, since human hands created unnatural conditions (in the wild male elephant herds don't live together with female herds and here they were made to do just that) there's a killer elephant living in Ramat-Gan's safari right now...

The first link shows Yossi, the pride of the safari for so many years because him being the largest elephant in the whole wide word, and the second link takes you to the story of the 'murder'.


zondag, april 01, 2007


Howie and others:

Just to keep you updated. Cause, you and others are pretending this is a 'thing of the past':

חייל משוחרר ממוצא אתיופי לא הורשה להיכנס למועדון ה"ברקה" בב"ש, בעוד לחבריו הקיבוצניקים לא עשו בעיה. בעל המועדון: "מדובר בטעות באבחון"

Problem in identification? My ass <*_*>



For Palestinian refugees, return is not a question

For Palestinian refugees, return is not a question

4.5 million Palestinian refugees live in dozens of refugee camps across the Middle East in precarious conditions.

By Sakher Abu El Oun - JABALIYA REFUGEE CAMP, Gaza

At 85, Abdelrahman al-Mabhuh still believes he will one day leave his miserable refugee camp in the Gaza Strip and return to lands that were once his in neighbouring Israel.

"The Israelis will be defeated and chased off our country. I saw it in a dream, it will happen in 11 years," he is sure.

The Jabaliya refugee camp is today the biggest Palestinian refugee camp in the Middle East, where over 106,000 people live in density and squalor.

Mabhuh is one of about 760,000 Palestinians who fled or were driven away from their homes in the months before and following the creation of the Jewish state in May 1948.

Almost 4.5 million Palestinian refugees and their descendants live today in dozens of refugee camps across the Middle East in precarious conditions, and their plight is seen as the biggest stumbling block to peace.

Israel vehemently rejects any suggestions of a return for the refugees, arguing the influx would effectively erase the Jewish character of the state, while Palestinians view the right of return as sacred in solving the decades-old conflict.

When Arab states unanimously adopted this week a plan offering full normalisation of ties with Israel in exchange for the return of all occupied Arab lands, creation of a Palestinian state and the return of refugees, the Jewish state balked at the latter element of the Arab peace plan.

But the recent flurry of peace diplomacy hardly left an impression on Mabhuh, who grew up in the today-vanished village of Batani just a few kilometres (miles) away from the Gaza Strip.

The right of return is not subject to any negotiations, he says.

"We will never give up. They chased us away from our paradise and we have since fought for our return," he says as he adjusts the keffieh chequered scarf on his head.

Like many Palestinian refugee families, Mabhuh has kept the key to his Batani home, a symbol of his desire to return and of the Palestinian national cause.

The grandparents of 40-year-old Suheila al-Taluli lived before the 1948 war in the village of Dimra, not far from Batani, and again of which no trace has remained.

"My grandmother told me before she died many stories about her village. She would often break down in tears from the memories and pain," she says.

"She raised her children on love of the cause. One of them died as a martyr and others are today in Israeli prisons," she says.

Sitting in front of her ramshackle home, Taluli's neighbour, Latifa al-Hilu, is too old to remember her age, but she keeps a vivid image of her home in the village of Beit Jirja where today stands an Israeli community.

"It was a beautiful two-storey house. My father fell sick when he heard that it was destroyed after we left," she says.

"We lived there comfortably with the income from our fields. Today we live on humanitarian aid, but we will return one day," she promises.

"Nothing in this world will make me give up my right of return. Jabaliya is not my home. Home is the village where my parents and grandparents were born and sooner or later we will return," says Suheila, whose family also came from Dimra.

According to the United Nations, Palestinian refugees and their descendants numbered 4.45 million by the end of 2006, with 1.85 million living in Jordan, 442,363 in Syria and 408,438 in Lebanon, in a total of 95 camps.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Friday that the return of any Palestinian refugee was "out of the question".

"I'll never accept a solution that is based on their return to Israel, any number," the premier said in an interview to the Jerusalem Post English-language daily.
Well then - here we have it....
No hope for progress, because the past will haunt and tries to take over the future
People are and will die for it
Is it worth it?
Is land actually worth the life of human beings?
Why are they being kept in those conditions anyway?
Nobody ever asked himself that question?
Why aren't they given the chance to live in decency and dignity and care for their future generations?

It's sad.

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