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Ray Hanania Scam

There is this person that is posting all over the net (ynet, MEY etc. and having his own website of course) - called Ray Hanania. He was the one having a post up at MEY in which comment's section the partiality and downright hatred towards Israel of that site was uncovered by me. As said, I refuse to post on hypocrite hate-sites anymore (for true hate-sites I hold no restraint since I love honesty, even if that is plain hatred) - and he commented on something I wrote - namely this:

Listen, Tsedek, Israel’s government has and continues to do many bad things. I don’t hear many Jewish Americans, who support Israel, openly condemn the hate speech that takes place in Israel.


I wrote him the following email:

Hi Ray,
I saw your reaction to me at the posting you wrote before last.
Since that forum disgusts me and I still like to comment,
here is my answer:
Have a nice day,
[my name]

Guess what I got back?

The only person spewing hatred and demonizing seems to be you ... you don't criticize, you hate. It's terrible. And you don't like criticism and when you get it you hate. Hate seems to be your answer and you keep your eyes closed ... thanks for sharing but I don't really read hate sites
Ray Hanania
Mr. Ray Egotripper - you can't stop praising yourself (see the NUMEROUS postings you placed all over about yourself and how 'good' you are) - but when someone brings in arguments you don't like (like at your ynet column) you refrain from answering because you accuse people of hate.

YOU are the one that has found a system to escape answering to criticism by simply accusing your 'opponents' of hatred. I am so sorry that I defended your right to write whatever you like in your ynet column so often. You, Mr. Ray Egotripper are simply not worth it. That's why I'm writing this blog entry, because my return email only stating:

good you showed your true face now, Ray. thanks.

came back being blocked as 'spam'.

Have yourself a nice ego-polishing profitable life over our backs, mr. Ray Hanania - you're yet another person added to the hypocricy list that's getting longer and longer all the time. For a 'moderate' you sure are too hateful when someone prove you're wrong - I hope they will realize that at ynet and give your place to someone that's really worthy of sounding his opinion that publicly, for you, sir - most certainly are not.


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