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Anonymous Hi :)

I don't think terror is a way of resistance. It isn't for the Basks, it isn't for the IRA's, it isn't for Iraqi insurgents. I still don't believe that one's struggle has to be fought over the dead bodies of civilians. I truely believe nobody has the right to commit alternative killing (meaning: to take the live of someone else than anybody guilty of doing the same thing).

You wrote before you think every Israeli over 18 is "guilty", but I don't see it that way at all. There has to be some flexibility in each-other's demands. Israeli's won't leave Israel and Palestinians won't leave their claims for a autonomous, independent country (so both have to let go of their claim to wanna own ALL of this land) - and what we are having here right now are extremist Palestinian groups that hi-jack their people's cause while providing the Israeli extremists excuses that- if there would be, say, an extreme right-wing party in government right now - would go out to an all-out war. I think many people just can't seem to understand that what is seen by Israeli's as the "Palestinian problem" can be violently crushed within a few days. King Hussein of Jordan has done it before, it happened to the PLO in Lebanon as well... In Kuwait Palestinians were expelled during the Gulf war...

I'm not bashing about Israel's military abilities right now, and I'm most certainly not defending violence - but my disgust for violence goes both ways. I'm most certainly NOT saying that's what the Palestinian People deserve, on the contrary (I'm stipulating what terror-groups having taken their fate in their hands are doing to them) ... I'm just saying play it up too loud and think what can come from it. Not something you would like, I think. Certainly not something I would like, most definitely not.

The Palestinians are at the losing end of this conflict -and people on the losing end sometimes have to make WISE decisions, not only follow their feelings (which are anger) because that brings them nowhere. If you lose at any game you play you can't be announced the winner by throwing your opponent's pawns off the table. You gotta think out a strategy to improve your position IN the game.

Terror is NO strategy. If anything at all, it is playing right in the hands of the extremists of "the other side" - hardening the population of the "other side" to your problems, your hardship - because they feel victimized themselves and therefore diminishing your own chances to your right for equality, freedom, justice and independence.

ALL the hardships the Palestinian people go through right now stems forth from that awful decision to proclaim the Intifada II - the "wall", the internal checkpoints, the closing of the borders for social as well as working purposes....

and no. There was no peace-settlement before the Intifada II. Things were also not that great for the Palestinians. But at least they stood at the beginning of a freeway that could, and in my opinion certainly would, lead them to their goals while as now, they're heading backwards full speed :(

Who would force them to sign an agreement they wouldn't agree with? Who could stand in their way trying to obtain their rights if they don't overstep those of others (like with suicidebombings)? Governments are chosen by the people in democracies so that would have been the final test to test if the Israeli people are "guilty".... But they never got the chance. (Sometimes I think this whole thing is a conspiracy anyway LOL)

Whether Israel was right or wrong (and, they WERE wrong - to keep on building settlements while negotiating peace - to start settlements alltogether in my eyes, but halas) doesn't matter really. The result is what counts - and the result is that terror is making Israel stronger and stronger and stronger all the time because it signals: "no matter what you do, we'll attack you anyway - we want you eradicated from here...." and that means "you OR me" i/o "you & me" (looking for solutions that satisfy both) and in a "final combat" everybody knows who would win.


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Redefining the Palestinian Cause


Two postings in one single day - am I a "true" blogger now ? LOL - It's a long article but I wonder if there are anymore people out there seeing it this way? Please comment, don't feel shy :)

by Amir Taheri
Gulf News
August 23, 2006

While Iran and Hezbollah celebrate their "strategic divine victory", the real losers of the Lebanon war may be the Palestinians.

The war pushed the Palestinian issue into the background. With media spotlight shifted to Lebanon, the conflict in Gaza and the West Bank dropped out of headlines.

The narrative woven by Iran and Hezbollah around the Lebanon war is designed to achieve three goals:

To turn Palestine from a political issue into a messianic cause. This means that Palestine is no longer about such issues as statehood, boundaries, security and diplomatic recognition.

The redefined Palestinian cause is about "wiping the Jewish stain of shame" off the map as a prelude to driving the US and its allies out of the Middle East.

To make the redefined Palestinian cause into a small part of a much bigger cause: that of challenging the global domination of the "infidel" led by the United States and creating an Islamic world order.

To transfer control of the Palestinian cause to "the Ummah". This means that no Palestinian leadership, not even Hamas, has the right to make a deal with Israel without the consent of whoever happens to lead the Ummah at any given time. (Currently, Iran and Hezbollah claim leadership.)

If this narrative succeeds, the achievements of three decades of diplomacy, which culminated in almost universal consensus over a two-state solution, could be in jeopardy.

Iran has always opposed the two-state solution. It proposes a "one-state" solution that envisages the reunification of the whole of Palestine as put under the United Nations mandate after the Second World War and the return of all Palestinian refugees.

In such a "greater Palestine", Jews would become a minority in a majority Arab state. The hope is that most Jews would then emigrate rather than live under Arab-Islamic rule.

The one-state solution was backed by all Arab states and a majority of Muslim countries, until 1979 when Egypt made peace with Israel. In 1994, the Palestine Liberation Organisation, led by Yasser Arafat, endorsed the "two-state" formula.

By the mid-1990s, for a majority of Arabs and Muslims, Palestine was no longer a cause but a political issue to be resolved through negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The only Arab country to continue to defend the "one-state" policy was Libya. In 2003, the "two-state" formula received a boost when President George W. Bush committed the US to its implementation.

Some Palestinian radicals may be happy that the "two-state" formula is challenged by Iran and its allies, including Syria, Hezbollah and parts of the Hamas leadership. However, the truth is that, whenever Palestine became a cause exploited by others for ulterior motives, Palestinians ended up as losers.

In 1948, the Arab League turned Palestine into a cause and prevented its solution as a political problem. It rejected the partition proposed by the UN, provoked a war that it lost and then did everything to prevent the settlement of the refugees.

The Second World War produced more than 50 million refugees in some 60 countries across the globe. By the mid-1950s, all had been resettled all except the 450,000 Palestinians that the Arab League insisted on maintaining in camps as the living symbol of its "cause".

After the 1952 coup d'etat in Egypt, it was the turn of Pan-Arab nationalists to seize control of the Palestinian "cause".

The late Jamal Abdul Nasser's pan-Arab ideology was aimed at creating a single state to encompass all Arabs. To pan-Arabs, the idea of a narrow Palestinian nationalism was abhorrent. During the Cold War, the Soviet-bloc also made use of Palestine as a cause.

Today, it is the turn of pan-Islamists.

They dream of a universal Islamic state, either under Iranian Shiite leadership, as is the case with Hezbollah, or under the leadership of Salafi movements. In their vision, there can be no distinct Palestinian identity, let alone Palestinian nationalism.

Mohammad Khatami, the former president of Iran, has dismissed nationalism as an illegitimate child of the European Enlightenment that, he believes, led to colonialism, imperialism and world wars.

Thus, the idea of a nation-state of Palestine is a western concoction, alien to Islam. Even the "one-state" formula, the fusion of Israel and Palestine, is only an intermediate step. Such a state would eventually be absorbed into the single universal Islamic domain Dar Al Islam.

The Palestinians, including Hamas leaders, need to do some hard thinking. Do they want their problem to be transformed into a messianic cause again and geared to larger strategies in the shaping of which they have no part?

As a problem, Palestine could be resolved through political, diplomatic and economic means. As a cause, however, Palestine could be an excuse for the "clash of civilisations".

The Palestinians must insist that while Iran has the right to pursue its strategies, it has no right to annex Palestine as part of a "bigger cause".

What the Palestinians urgently need is a state of their own based on their national identity.

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is wrong in putting his predecessor Ariel Sharon's policy of unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank on hold.

For the two-state formula to work it is imperative for Israel to decide exactly where it wants its frontiers to be drawn. Once it is clear where Israel wants to be, it would be possible to discuss where Palestine could be as a state.

One of Iran's goals in the Lebanon war was to undermine the two-state formula and advance its one-state alternative. By freezing the two-state formula, Olmert may be playing into Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's hands.


the Story continues.....


Seems like more former SLA family-members left in south-Lebanon after the Israeli withdrawal of 2000 have received threats from the hizb and are trying to find refuge in Israel to unite with their family members now...
Amir Peretz gave the OK to let them in - but they're still waiting outside the border. Even in this the IDF is poorly organized :( What's wrong with them???

Hizbullah 'settles score' with SLA families

Eight Lebanese family members, former SLA members, arrive at northern border next to Metula Thursday, request to enter Israel following Hizbullah threats to hurt them. Defense minister instructs IDF to grant them entry, but until now, only one allowed to cross border

Drama on the northern border:
Eight family members from Lebanon, former members of the Soutern Lebanese Army, arrived Thursday afternoon within 10 meters of the border next to Metula and requested IDF authorization to enter into Israel following Hizbullah threats to cause them physical harm. It turns out that this is a real phenomenon in which Hizbullah members threaten family members of former SLA members.

A few days ago a 30 year-old Lebanese woman crossed the security fence in the Metula area along with her three children to reunite with her husband, a former SLA member who left Lebanon with the IDF’s withdrawal from the country in May 2000. Following an IDF interrogation the woman spent a few hours at the Kiryat Shmona police station, where it was determined that she had no intention of carrying out an attack in Israel. The husband was eventually located and met with his family later that night.

It is estimated that families of former SLA members residing in south Lebanon have been subject to repeated threats of physical violence since the ceasefire came into effect.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz instructed the IDF to grant the family members entry into Israel and ordered to offer them humanitarian aid, until their situation and the circumstances of their flight from Lebanon are examined. However, as of now, the eight have yet to gain entry into Israel.

An IDF force on the northern border reported the presence of the Lebanese refugees on the border to the commanders of the Northern Command and to the Kiryat Shmona police station. As of now, it has been decided that the issue will be handled only by the IDF. Some of the family members felt unwell because of the intense heat in the area, and residents of Metulla transferred bottles of cold water to them by way of the IDF.

Towards Thursday evening, one of the family members, who was severely wounded in his limbs and face 10 years ago when Hizbullah inserted explosives in his belongings, was brought into Israeli territory. This incident occurred while the man was collaborating with Israel.

The talbacks underneath this article in the link given above are real nasty :(
Don't people have feelings anymore??
Or are they just pretending to be Lebanese to create a wrong image?


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A Happy Ending, for a change.....


SLA family reunites after 6 years

The woman, who hadn't seen her husband since Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in May 2000, said she had been threatened by Hizbullah operatives in her southern Lebanese village.

The woman was accompanied by two sons and a daughter aged 14, 12 and seven.


Under a law passed in Knesset for SLA members and their families, the woman and her children can apply for Israeli nationality.

As everybody must have noticed by now, I've got a weak spot for love-stories ;-)

Torn apart by incomprehensible wars, I'm so happy to see at least this family united and receiving a fair chance to happiness under safe conditions....

That husband hasn't seen his children for 6 years (!!!). The youngest was only 1 year old when he had to leave them.... I can only imagine what it must have been like for him :(

Ya'woman!!! You've got guts approaching the border as if it isn't DA firepit of hostility. WELCOME to Israel, you courageous soul, from the bottom of my heart....


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Am I going mad, or is it the world?

Additionally, he said that Hizbullah’s refusal to disarm does not violate the resolution, as the terror group’s weapons will be kept in storage and not be displayed in public.

In an interview
given to al-Jazeera Fadlallah seemed to have said the above...

That's grande!! I mean.... how would anybody think of that? "I have no weapons - because they're in storage..." HUH??? What about owning them? Should that word have been stipulated in the resolution (1701)?



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I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes till' I touch the sky

I'll make a wish Take a chance Make a change
And breakaway

Out of the darkness and into the sun

But I won't forget all the ones that I loved

I'll take a risk
Take a chance Make a change
And breakaway

Wanna feel the warm breeze

Sleep under a palm tree

Feel the rush of the ocean
Get on board a fast train

Travel on a jet plane, far away

And breakaway

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Israel has to perform the worst of atrocities to achieve the highest justified goal: to exist....

If the artery of evil is not staring you in the face but hide behind innocent, peace-loving people - and dafka those people (but also soldiers) become the victims in the course of deterring that evil from getting dangerously close to their demonical goal of destroying your existence, which is a God-given right for everybody on earth, is it then still moral to defend that right?

Weapons are only smart weapons in hands of smart people. The target Israel is fighting at this moment is but a temporary target while everyone knows the real danger lies in Teheran, Damascus... and any other country whose dictator buys off his corruption and power by controllably allowing extreme religious fundamentalists to blossom and to focus on a "common enemy" rather than to risk the chance of losing his power. Why is Israel afraid to take out the heart -the artery- of that evil that poisons foreign societies from within and allows for a continuous flow of deniers of our existence, people that hate us while not even knowing us? And why does it top things off by supplying "evidence" they're "right" by circumventing this artery of evil and let the people that are being brainwashed by this evil become Israel's victims?

This is what keeps me busy lately....



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