zaterdag, juni 23, 2007


Mixed up

I'm too mixed up, confused - because of personal things, to post anything :-(

I will leave a song to get you in the mood.... I'm experiencing:


i hope it's not something really bad, tsedek
That's so sweet of you, Nobody! Thank you. I'll survive. I always do. Until I don't :D

I must give up being a sentimental shnooch, I know I can. But I don't want. I feel I'm losing myself, if I decide to ignore part of me....
well you snooch.. you're tagged - so post you must!

Left u a msg, sweetie ;-)

No idea what's the subject of the tag, u c?

Plz answer and I'll oblige to the 'mission' LOL

(I'm crying and laughing, I'm such a complex person - why did I have to come in this form to earth?)
10 random facts that youd like to share about urself..
Lirun, I'll do it this week insha'Allah. I am really, really, really not in the mood :(

just dont tell me that it's because of what the palis are doing to each other in gaza
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