donderdag, april 26, 2007


Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't.
This is IT for now.......



Is anybody able to download this? Because I'm not...

Don't know why, but if nobody is able to do so, I will change it, somehow.
Start to show less posts on the main page of your blog (not 3 years of posts), and everything will work wonderfully! And what does "maybe I won't" mean? Who will do your job?
I don't know. I just feel nobody really understands me. I feel the pain, I feel the hurt. But nobody seems to pick up on it.

Maybe I'm just 'different',

I don't know, just too many things not working out together.

Not here, not 'there' (or rather, more 'here' than 'there')

I can be completely wrong but why isn't anybody FEELING anything anymore? What happened? Are feelings also dependent on politics?

I'm at a lost. A real lost.

I need time.

Or I just am wrong, and won't bother the virtual world anymore....

I cry, Andrey...

I'm hurt.

Hurt mostly because people have gone after stickers applied after birth, and condemning even children.

Where can I find solence? Where are people's feelings and if they are what they are projected to be in this virual world, I would rather not exist at all, cause I feel ashamed to be part of the human 'race' that way....
actually there are blogs with your orientation... you probably go to wrong blogs (like mine for example :D)

also you go too far on the emotional side to my taste ... in the era of the internet there is an endless supply of heart breaking videos ... you will die from dehydration if you try to cry over each one of them ...

most people are much closer to the center emotionally than you .. some even dont have emotions at all (like me :D) ...

come on, tsedek .. what is this shit? where can you leave ?
I think that you are just concentrating on the shity men too much... go read israeli-soldier, he met Angel. Take a look at, mideastyouth, and so many more... join onevoice, azaara... drive to yafo, or nazareth - talk to people, everybody just want to live, thats it. And if it's our side that makes you feal bad, than tell Nobody "to go fuck himself", it will make you feal better..
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And if it's our side that makes you feal bad, than tell Nobody "to go fuck himself", it will make you feal better..

yes .. please tsedek

we are missing your fighting side and your superb cynical jokes

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