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Howie and others:


Just to keep you updated. Cause, you and others are pretending this is a 'thing of the past':

חייל משוחרר ממוצא אתיופי לא הורשה להיכנס למועדון ה"ברקה" בב"ש, בעוד לחבריו הקיבוצניקים לא עשו בעיה. בעל המועדון: "מדובר בטעות באבחון"

Problem in identification? My ass <*_*>


Ah...keep 'em out and take the Moroca'im with em.

Long live Ashkenazim...

If fact...keep the Iraqi's out too...and you can start with my wife...pijama and all!!!
I'll tell her, first time I'll have a chance to do so, LOL

No balcony pyama tea-parties, howie?

:D :D :D
Yeah,terrible about this club H'brka in Beit She'an,but then strange things happen

A few days ago security guys at the Prime Ministers's Office in Jerusalem ordered the British Embassy's Consul -- who with a delegation from UK vising the Prime Minister's Office -- to strip TOTALLY for a security check.They later apologized to her,lol

Btw... this discharged Zahal soldier lives on a Kibbutz?
strip totally? are you kidding me?
I also hear that Israeli airport security checks are "below waist".

They touch everywhere. WTF?!
It really doesn't make it more efficient.

As for the Ethiopian guy, it's a shame that such things still happen in Israel. They've been living here for quite a long time now.

Looks like racism is a hard thing to uproot.
Here's the link of that incident :

Senior British diplomat strip-searched at PM's Office

Foreign Ministry issues formal apology to UK's deputy consul-general to Israel following upsetting incident during visit to Olmert's office in Jerusalem

Itamar Eichner
Published: 03.27.07, 11:49 / Israel News

Israeli soldier: I get steaming mad when I hear these kinds of things. They make me so angry, you just got no idea. It happened a few times when my son went clubbing and indeed: those places organized by kibbutziem that they call 'messibot' but are NOT for invitees only but for the general public. From their group of friends the 'darker' looking boys were very clearly SELECTED and refused entrance. I HATE it when people get discriminated against but when teenagers have to undergo this foul treatment because of what they are I don't think I would restrain myself if I would be present to see this. I find it sooooooo sad for them :-(

g. I find that story funny and disturbing at the same time. Funny because I can't help it, no explanation: just I had to chuckle. But, disturbing because what about all those searches that go on on a daily basis that don't carry high profile because we are 'just' people? Personal space is so important to me that I just cannot imagine this taking place, pashut: unbelievable.....

"No balcony pyama tea-parties, howie?"

Actually...it was the living room BY the balcony. My father-in-law insisted I where pijama with pasim and was the first man to kiss me on the lips. I still have post traumatic stress disorder from that.

I hope they throw HIM out of nightclubs too.

I wish one of those hot cheyelot would strip search me...she would find a dangerous weapon I'll tell you what
Howie, you're 2much :D
My father, always willing to play along as if he knew 'how things were' - got thrown off his feet as well when kissed (but only on the cheek) by husband :D

My first encounter with 'kissing men' was in Belgium. The boy I really liked was kissing his father (again: on the cheek) when we met him on the streets. I was like: "................" huh????


Now I'm used to it though :D
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