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DAMN IT @&*#@

Go read here and see what I mean with all my postings about the HUGE failure of Israel being a 'light upon the nations'. My eyes are bulking, my heart breaks and I feel this uncontrollable anger rise in me when I read about this, this, this and this - GRRRRR &*@%$@

Read her blog... it is the story of how a country can ya'ani legally dissolve any right on decent, dignified, existence people have if they haven't got enough money to compete against stinking dollar-hunting hyena's. This is no 'light upon the nations': that superficial hi-tech image they want to transmit to the world of "enlightened democracy" - this is a clique, millionair's club.

The home is almost empty. Even the refrigerator and cooker have been taken away (i believe this is in fact illegal). All they have, are the beds they sleep on. And a TV donated by a friend, which has receipts stuck on it, to prove it doesn't not belong to the family, so it will not be taken away.
The 17 year old girl is seriously considering going into prostitution: "she can make far more money that way", so she said.

As a believer in Judaism I am convinced that not your enemies will finally bring about your destruction but your worship of the fake-God called Money - because for your people you show absolutely no respect....


[Exodus 23:7] “Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked.”

Yes,Yudit has an excellent blog on the Arab population living in Jaffa.

Tommy Lapid (former Leader of Shinui) has an article in JPost called :'Vive la difference' 4 April 2007.
"Amidst the despondency and doldrums engulfing us, we ought to ask ourselves if we haven't perhaps lost our perspective. We started out our national career - if I am not mistaken - as a tiny, miserable, threatened, isolated, destitute and sparsely populated country. Once, when a ship with flour was delayed in arriving, we were almost left without bread. Inflation wreaked havoc with the economy. Sallah Shabati was living in a tent. Don't even ask.But just the same, one has to admit that despite the poverty at the bottom and the corruption at the top, despite the mistakes and failures in the Second Lebanon War, and despite the dangers posed to us from Iran, we perhaps should admit that life in Israel has never been better, that the vast majority of the population eats better, dresses better, lives better, travels farther, has more leisure time and feels better than in the past.

I am aware that an article of this kind is more suited to Independence Day than to Pessah. But I don't have the patience to wait until then because I am sick and tired of hearing the whining and wailing of the naysayers, the bitterness of the satiated citizenry, the self-hatred of the cynical media and the defeatist contempt for all that is good and beautiful in our lives. It is sad that it takes courage today to write about all that is good and beautiful in our lives."
Akiva I never read such thorough, detailed and compassionate blog as that of Yudit. It gives you a clear insight of what 'plays behind' the people living in Yafo. I already found it so strange that Lirun is writing from it as if living in a multi-cultural paradise (which till I read his postings - knew it is was not, to say the least)

Maybe Tommy Lapid can write about how relatively good everything is, but he is writing from a position he doesn't have to live through where Yudith is writing about.

one has to admit that despite the poverty at the bottom ......

The arrogance of that man astonishes me over and over again. "Despite the poverty" you can only write if you don't have to live it yourself - and if you don't have to live it yourself it doesn't influence you enough to know that it involves so much suffering that it takes over one's whole life and isn't a "despite as if a statistic from the side nobody cares about.
It's really sad. :(
Israel has a long way to go to be a good example for other countries.

There are dozens of other countries that show a good example for what Israel should be like.

One day I hope we won't have to waste so much money on security and military and instead use it to help the poor and improve our system of education.
people should relax about this 'light upon the nations' thing .. while i would not say that the jews in general and israelis in particular are the worst people on earth, they are certainly not the best i saw in my life .. there are enough nations on this planet who are ways nicer both to live and to deal with ... and personally i find the probability of being 'jewed' by somebody in this country out of any proportion to its actual territory and the size of its population ... sometimes even buying cigaretes here turns out to be quite an experience ...

we should proud ourselves on that we are not gasing each other with chlorine or tie people to cars and drag them across the street and other stuff with which our arab neighbors entertain themselves from time to time... being better than arabs/muslims is good enough for me at that stage ..
lapid is absolutely right ... i remember watching in the news about the camp gaydamak set up for refugees from the north during the war... and even there there were people who were complaining about something even though almost all their expenses were paid by someone else .. israelis is a nation of pathological whiners and it's just one more reason why being 'light upon the nations' will always remain in the sphere of science fiction....
hey tsedek

im disappointed that you can discount all the great things that i have found in yaffo - things that stand so tall in the face of so much adversity - just because yudit brings out very categorically some tragic facts..

there is certainly suffering in this town.. it is still far from being the fast emerging st tropez that yudit describes..

my criticism of the posts is that rather than focussing on the plight of the people its turned into political mud - ripe for the slinging which i think is unfair to the very people suffering..

wealthier arabs would be benefiting from the fluctuation of land value just as wealthy jewish residents are.. the poor on both sides are suffering..

it doesnt change the fact that today - in my building's courtyard - yousouf and assaf were playing together yet again.. these kids play together every day..

we are not all at war.. we do not all hate.. not everyone is aggreived.. not everyone views us as occupiers and we dont all partake in aggressive action against palestinians..

really disappointed..

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