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I know, I'll always stay that irrational, emotionally imbalanced sillywillie with whom not logic discussion is possible. I fly from the Lebanese lfpm forum reacting to someone who wrote that Israel won't exist anymore in another 25 years by stating that I will defend it till my last drop of blood (and I mean it) to feeling the tears roll over my cheek when reading that Zakhariya Zubeidi was shot at this afternoon. I don't know why but... I like him. I would probably kill him first if I could if he would point a gun at 'my neighbor' (indicating boys that I know from the time they wore diapers and are in the IDF now) - but until such time whenever I see a photo of him and hear he's been in harm's way - I mostly feel like taking him in my arms (motherly) and trying to soothe him. I have no idea how I can mix these feelings of killing to defend and holding him close to my heart to comfort him assimilate together. But I do.

Many bloggers who 'know me' - have been introduced already to the 'Arna's Children' story. The DEEP, DEEP tragedy of kids looking forward to their future - releasing some of the tension of everyday life by joining and enjoying a theater group for children in Jenin - end up with most of them being dead - except for Zakhariya, who's at this very moment and since long the 'most wanted' on Israel's hitlist.
There's a 'hand of the devil' taking control of us, all of us, here in this region, because....

how does a promising and good-natured child (Yusuf Sweitat)
for instance end up being a terrorist that guns innocent women he doesn't even know down in Hadera (in 2001) before being shot dead by police? How come this kid is turned into a pawn of this game the whole world is playing with our lives if he specifically declared he loves theater, he loves life.... how? I would kill him (Yusuf) as well. I would really, if I could stop him from killing innocent lifes that day in Hadera. Without a second thought even.

But that doesn't mean I don't mourn for the life of such a sweet boy with high hopes that was so tragically wasted only because he lived in the wrong time at the wrong place and was witness of death and destruction he couldn't bear to see......

So, back to Zakhariya, the only one still alive from that theater-group - He was shot at today, sustained injuries in the shoulder and is fine he told ynet reporters. Why do I feel concern for him and was rather shocked to hear about this attempt on his life? He said he would 'fight the occupation till the end' - so he's a potential killer of 'my neighbor in the IDF' for whom I care a lot about and much than Zakhariya (whom I've never known except for through the news of course). Why?

(Because he looks cute LOL - nah, just jokin' - although I do think he looks very good)

It must be something his eyes tell me. They're not sad and not happy, they don't really show any hate in them.. but they got a look that tells you he's 'given up' and doesn't care anymore because anyway he can't change the situation other than by puting his life in the scale. The life of a boy whose mother opened up her house to let 'Arna's Children' theater group dream of a future....

and was killed in front of his eyes.



Don't worry too much, Israelis are trying not to kill him, as they want to preserve this kind of leadership for the Palestinians in the future. "This kind" - means the kind that sees a final goal as a Palestinian state inside 67 borders, and peace with the neighbouring state of Israel. Meanwhile, he is called a collaborator by people from all the sides that since this "guarding". But he has many holes, even one bullet still inside him.
since = sense
He is being targeted time after time after time, andrey....

One of the talkbacks in the article in ynet coming from a Palestinian says he's a criminal...

I like him. He's a terrorist and I like him. Now, how can I explain that to myself?
I just looked at that link and found out about the film Arna's Children, and found it on youtube in 9 parts.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Thank you AlGhaliboon, I've watched it. It has also made me very depressed. When will come the time that we don't keep producing children to give their lives fighting?

(for some odd reason part 2 gets stuck at 3:52 time)
I didn't have that problem. Try refreshing the page.
I watched it now (after seeing the 'end-result' before) -

I don't know why but suddenly it worked.

Why is it AlGhaliboon that we (all of us, 'so-called terrorists' and 'defenders of our existence')

don't manage to understand that children are the SOFT'ware' of our teachings, of the examples 'we' set???

Tell me. Please.

(The 'scene' that touched me most of all was indeed the 'scene' in where you could observe the eyes of Ala'a :( - how did we all become that cruel to put soft, innocent and unspoilt children-souls exposed to this kind of madness we pursue???? Are they our pawns to play with, whether 'your own' or of 'others'??? )

It is devastating me........
I hate him and want to see him dead even though he isn't killing my people (yet).

I can't understand how you, who daily struggle for your own existence can like him.

At least you are willing to kill him if you have to. Good. I am glad you can still make the distinction. My people are going to have to start thinking that way as well.

--- An American.
They are the ones who put you in this situation. They are the ones who force you to be cruel.

Never forget that.

And THAT'S the difference between you and them. You are cruel by necessity. They are cruel by design.
thank you tsedek. i felt a shock to my heart to read about this. i think he is a fighter for peace, in an odd way, in the way that some israelis can be honest fighters for peace and also serve in the army (ever heard of nir yesod?)- i think he was kind of serving in his army. brutal as all armies are.

i feel close to tears, and am just glad that he survived. he is protecting the current freedom theatre in jenin, you know. there are many jews there, and israelis (though working as individuals, not as some national thing). and he helps protect it. i think he is still the same boy that opened his home with his mother, but grown up into someone who knows that hopes is no defense.

even if guns are no defense either, as i and you know well. :(

god be with him, allah ywf2 and adonai yishmor...
sounds like my post on people in the middle..
Sure you might have stole their land, but look at what you have done with it. And look at what they did with it when you gave some of it back.

Comparing the two societies Israel is far superior and for that fact alone I support you over the Palestinians.

But don't let your greatest strengths become your greatest weakness. Looking at history shows one thing very clearly. That as a you can be both compassionate and cruel, ruthless and just, in fact in this world you do need to be both at the same time.

Look at the last war. It was obvious that many of your journalists sold you out for their careers. Now those people should be executed or at the very least arrested. If not that then stripped of citizenship and banished.

Wait, you might say, how can a free society be so cruel? Isn't freedom of speech one of the protected freedoms that your soldiers were fighting for?

Well, free speech isn't the freedom to threaten, to libel, or in the case of your journalists to act in a seditious manner. The only way you can defend free speech is by existing, and if there is speech that is threating that, then to save free speech (among your other freedoms) in those specific incidents it must be curtailed.

Yeah, it does seem kind of strange but time and time again, such apart contradictions come up in the real world such as to save free speech you must curtail some of it.

For you to survive, you need to be able to compartmentalize and be able to make distinctions. For example to you, since you are at war with them you should think of Palestinians not as real people but as vermin who need to be destroyed. Sure deep down you know they are human, but you need to compartmentalize that understanding until and if the war is ever over. Then you can consider them human again.

My Grandfather fought the Huns, as he called them. But he said as soon as the war was over they were no longer Huns but Germans again. Same with the Japs. We fought the Japs during WWII but afterwards we helped the Japanese rebuild. Sure they were the same people but given the different situations we had to perceive them differently.

Right now, the Palestinians by how they currently behave have lost all right to be considered human. They threaten my life and the life of the ones I love so I consider them the same way I would consider rats with rabies.

Here is what you are fighting against. Never forget who these people are. Burn this into your heart.

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