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HIV-free Israeli-Melons

Sorry this one is too good to let go, gotta have some part in the fun as well, not only hardships :D :D :D


it says:

'Israeli melons have AIDS'

Text message spreading through Saudi Arabia claiming melons entering the kingdom from Israel are infected with AIDS causes frenzy. Officials deny rumors.

The rumor, despite being denied several times, has gained so much steam in the Arab world that it made it to the front page of one of the most important Arabi language newspapers.
Many received an SMS supposedly from the Saudi Interior Ministry saying, "Please forward quickly."

Goodgolly Hahahahaa....

But wait!!!!

Head of the center for chemicals and toxins in Mecca, Dr Ahmad Elias also stressed that there was no truth to these rumors.

Dr. Ahmad Elias? Dr. Elias?? Like the Jewish name Elias??

OMG :D this must be true then, those melons are definitely infected with AIDS - it's all a 'zionist conspiracy' Dr. Elias :D With a name like that you thought you could fool us, hey? Hahahaha...

I'm in stitches (sorry it's not nice to laugh about your fellow-human beings, but this is just too hilarious) -

Over and Out with a Huge, Huge smile on my face :D

Tse, surely this is due to the unhealthy lifestyles of those promiscuos zionist melons? But the Saudis really need to stop picking on Israeli fruits, or Nizo will be severely pissed off ;-).
Incidently, 'promiscuos zionist melons' sounds like the description of a cheap Tel Aviv hooker ;-).
we've been through the 'fruity' season already, |3run0

Hahaha, on another blog...

Btw, those 'things' we call 'pammelot'

There was an episode of 'couplings'(a British sitcom) in which Jeff fell in love with an Israeli girl. They were forced to communicate through a translator, and for some reason our hero became convinced the girl's name was 'Shadayim' (which, according to the show, mean pammelot (you hebrew-speakers figure it out)).

The episode ends with Jeff getting arrested for running past El Al's check in yelling the girl's 'name'.
that makes me feel consternated instead
this stuff is actually very soft ... the real hardcore stuff is like for example when a few sharia states in nigeria derailed the UN drive to eradicate polio when they claimed to have discovered traces of estrogen in the vaccines ... these led to accusations that the UN is trying to render muslim populations sterile ... the local governments demanded from the UN to prove that the vaccines are harmless ...

in short the campaign in that part of nigeria did not start at time and of course the point of the whole thing was that it would start simultaneously in all countries around ... since then several outbreaks of polio were reported in the region, including in nigeria itself, which means that the muslims have eventually defeated both the UN and themselves
Here is a good, must watch video called "Blaming the Jews".

Here is another good video.


And of course never forget this.




y'all better quit mockin our jeuw melons.. no melon mockin no honey dew mockin no nuthin.. y'all hear?

and no callin no honey dew honey jew!!
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