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Jew or Israeli?

Article about the outcome of a poll asking this question to Israeli Jews. Quite surprising actually it is not. Secular Jews find themselves foremost Israeli while religious Jews think of themselves as Jews first. What's new?

Are you an Israeli first, or a Jew?

In a poll conducted on the eve of Israel's 59th Independence Day, 50 percent of respondents said they were Jewish first, 45 percent said they were Israeli first and the remaining five percent said that both titles did not represent them.

Eighty-two percent of religious respondents said they were more Jewish compared to eight percent who said they were more Israeli. The gap among the strictly-Orthodox population is the largest: 92 percent said they felt more Jewish compared to five percent that sees itself as more Israeli.

Among secular Israelis, 72 percent said they were more Israeli compared to 23 percent who said they were more Jewish. Among respondents who view themselves as conservative, 64 percent said they were more Jewish and only 27 percent said more Israeli.


According to Becker, there is an erosion of values perceived as 'Israeli' and in their stead people have begun to identify more with Judaism. Becker said that this is not necessarily people latching on to Judaism as a religion, but as a nationality, a culture and spirituality, a community with historic and familial roots.

What are you?

I'm an Israeli Jew, wonder where that fits in?



As an American I am concerned about the Jews in my country who identify themselves more with Israel then with America. I fear if you asked them all too many would say that even though they are American citizens, they are Jews and supporters of Israel first and Americans second.
That's contrary to all what I read about it.
I prefer to say - I belong to Earth and God. :)
You should be loyal to the ONE country you have citizenship to. If you can't do that, if you really feel that your country is immoral then you should make every attempt to leave that country and go to another where you can work to obtain citizenship and be loyal to.

I believe that Israel's policy of "dual citizenship" is deceitful and breeds mistrust of Jews who don't live in Israel as the question always is with them are you loyal to your homeland or are you loyal to Israel?
i am both and in some ways neither..

i am a global citizen and my faith heart tradition and legacy is a matter for my soul alone :)
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