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Third of Holocaust survivors poor :-(
Having worked for a lawyer's office that amongst other things dealt with the insurance money of an Italian Insurance company involved in insurance claims from Holocaust survivors, I only know TOO well how much money those 'intermediaries' are making out of it. This is not a sum of hundreds, but of billions of dollars.... all out of the money they pretend to claim on behalf of their clients - the rightful owners (that had insurances on in Europe when the Holocaust erupted). Those 'directors' go out to tropical resorts to 'negotiate deals' - 'discuss agreements' - 'sign contracts', fare magnificent on 'commissions' and 'interest' and live their live in luxury - but in the meanwhile........ as you can see:

a third of the Holocaust survivors in what is supposed to be 'their homeland' - live under the poverty line not even being able to obtain the most basic human needs (like hearing aids, medicines, etc.) . Great going, Israel.... Kol Hakavod :-(

Especially seen that the Holocaust monies have made a story of their own already, called the Holocaust-industry - you (Israel) foresake the people whose fate you use and misuse for the justification in almost everything you do, leaving those where it is all about -
PEOPLE- that have suffered things that are too horrible to even imagine and you use in your justifications - out in the cold. Israel: j'accuse !!!!!!

If you will go on as a bloodsucker taking advantage and then let PEOPLE suffer (look at Lirun's mashtaf story and now this) - and will not show humanity & compassion- you: Israel, will be doomed. "A light upon the nations" - is supposed to have a heart... Where is yours, Israel?



Many of the survivors suffer from mental distress and loneliness, and lack proper social and family support networks. Some 50,000 to 60,000 survivors are in need of some level of nursing, as 73 percent of this population is over the age of 76, and about a fifth is over 86.

and here:

i cannot confirm but i was told that kpmg forensics made $50M of the world jewish congress or some other crew when they went through the swiss banks documentation..

they collated apparently 26 kilometres of paper trail!!

wonder how many of our grandparents that money could have fed..
My heart is so sore when I think what the Holocaust survivors went through during World War 2.

Now that they are frail,elderly and LONELY,more ordinary people should make some time from their busy schedules,so why dont YOU guys go and speak to these wonderful survivors.

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