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Is 18 a magical number?

Well not for me (yes, I'm "back" blogging).


Eighteen Families Own Israel
Numerologists Unsurprised

Ben Murane

Concentration of wealth in Israel has increased, announced a study published by Business Data Israel in February. According to the study, just eighteen families earn one-third of Israel’s commercial revenues, totaling approximately 44 billion dollars. This revenue counts for 32 percent of income within the State of Israel, but does not reflect the families’ inherited wealth, savings or any income from investments outside the country. The families’ earnings increased four percent from the previous year.

The Labor party responded to the statistics, saying they were proof that former finance chairs and current Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu parceled off state-owned industries to cronies during their pushes for privatization. “It’s no coincidence that of the 18 families, at least seven are considered Olmert’s close friends,” the party said in a statement.

Meanwhile, one in four Israelis is below the poverty line, according to the National Insurance Institute’s January poverty report. It stated the number of poor Israelis since 2000 has increased by 600,000 to a total of 1.6 million people in 2005.

While many Israelis were disheartened by news of the country’s widening economic disparity, numerologists were tickled that the number eighteen continues to appear in Jewish life.

Tickled? Very funny (NOT).
It's like Israel is their private business....
Blow them.


Damn. Nobody that seems to find something wrong with this?
What is this? Kafka's world or what?

Man, I get more and more disappointed from people all the time :-(
as far as i know the poverty line is calculated in such way that it does not reflect the growth or not of absolute poverty ... say, if bill gates makes aliyah, another few dozens of thousands of israelis will find themselves below the poverty line without one shekel being reduced from their income ...

also these calculations don't take into account the haredim who insist on not working and the arabs, who together with haredim, have too many children .. although the arab birth rate apparently collapsed after netanyahu's reforms ...

as to the unequality i care less about it .. it's not that important .. for me at least
tsedek.. who would you vote for in elections if they were held today?
NB, should the people living in poverty feel better because of that explanation? Does it change anything for them? No wages has gone up since ages - I think the minimum wage is the same for years already, and IF there is a raise it goes like - people earning 3000 NIS get 75 NIS more a month, who earns 7000 NIS get 300 shekel more a month and who earns 25,000 etc. gets 1000 NIS more a month. Great economical balance (not, GRRR)- Only the stories of the golden handshake of higher officers at public companies make me steam of anger. Not that I want it, but because when you see that everybody has to enlist in the army and youth-groups are being formed in poverty neighborhoods that draws them first in the scouts and later 'very motivated' for the army (those youth whose parents live in poverty) then, yes NB, I am steaming angry why that youth should go put themselves in harm's way while the 'big shots' only enjoy the financial fruits over their backs in THEIR (and MY) country.

Lirun, I don't know. I have no confidence in any leader at the moment. Somebody who says a lot of interesting stuff from time to time I think is Ophir Pines - but I might also think that what he says is interesting because he's of Dutch descend LOL. And, anyway he will probably never be candidate.
i dont know, tsedek

i know that the unemployment rate is falling .. and people i know are all better off compared to 3 years ago ... though i admit it's for ages that i left shkhunat Katamon
Well, anyway, I don't like to be owned, without even knowing it, by 18 families. Let them buy a nice huge (co)-orporation, but leave my country for its people. Damned, it sounds like the Maffia.
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ח = 8
י = 10

10 + 8 = 18
Maybe gematria's trying to tell us that 18 is the number of life, חי!
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