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Iranian Code Pink Zionist Gay Conspiracy

Iranian Code Pink Zionist gay organization infiltrating muslim countries & muslim communities

When I thought I've seen it all I read the above 'link' while I was reading this blog (which also removed my comment; what is this thing with bloggers that don't allow for freedom of speech?? - Except that..... it isn't a link LOL. Click everywhere on the letters or the picture itself and nothing will happen, you will be taken nowhere :D So, in between all the "images" this blogger uses to manipulate his readers into what he wants, there is this of a self invented 'pink zionist gay conspiracy' - Man!!!! I bet you are scared, sir, this really sounds very serious and I advise you to take shelter because you never know what these pink, gay, zionists conspiracists can do to you.

On a happier note, I finally found a forum other than the usual 'peace-communities' that allows for Palestinians and Israeli's to talk to each-other. Unfortunately though, it has only a few single members and not that many topics yet. Also discussion hasn't started. Hopefully this will change and more members will join. Although sometimes I'm under the impression opponents in this conflict seem rather tired of each-other and cannot even bring up the energy to get into debate because both feel it's futile. Such a pity since now it seems human lives are worth less than words....

At yet another blog I was accused of being not as 'human' as I pretend to be (whatever that means). Only because I re-iterated the all-known fact that as soon as terrorists mix between civilians it is already too late anyway (meaning the reaction when those terrorists attack others can only bring hardship upon those civilians they are hiding behind). It seems the Lebanese Army has been shelling the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared indiscriminately. I have read that in several places so that might very well be true. On the other hand, still more Lebanese soldiers got killed than terrorists and civilians together, so it's not like they don't take chances in their effort to counter those terrorists of Fath el-Islam. Morally speaking I find this a complicated matter. Of course I'm 100% pro-elimination of terrorists but on the other hand every life is a world and if innocent people's lives are the price to eliminate those terrorists - you destroy one world each time...

To end my rant, I have a message for Mr. PalestineFreeVoice, inventor of the subject of this posting:

Have one on me, sir - and don't forget: they're all part of the life-threatening Code Pink Zionist Gay Conspiracy :D :D :D


Haha, that's a funny post :P
Except for its last paragraph. I agree with you about the importance of human lives. They should do their best to minimize civilian casualties, however when terrorists are hiding behind civilians, it often becomes an impossible goal.

Poor Lebanon. I'm looking forward to the day when Lebanon becomes stabilized, when its economy prospers and its citizens live in harmony.

Sounds as unlikely as the Israeli-Palestinian peace, doesn't it?
Yes. Unfortunately. *sigh*
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