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Not wanting to clash

Are we really that different?

Yes, yes we are.

And, those who can't see that, must be evil themselves. Or mentally ill. Or both.

Was Great Britain any different than Germany during WWII? Both used the same methods, achieved the same results.

Was Great Britain that different than Nazi Germany?

Well, yes, is it was.
Was Great Britain that different than Nazi Germany?

Well, yes, yes it was.

And where do they get the statistic that 62 percent of Palestinians want Peace? Their whole culture is built around wanting the destruction of Israel. Without that, they have no culture at all.

And that 87 percent figure for America. I live in America and let me tell you that figure is a lie. Well I guess if the question on the poll was "do you want Peace in the Middle East" well sure I would want peace everywhere, but I am a grown-up and know that some things as much as you wish for them, just aren't possible.

If they asked the poll question in a responsible way, and not in a leading way, getting the response in a way that they want it interpreted I would say it would be around 30-40 percent.
Those who can't get pass all the "gray" in the world and distinguish good from evil must either be evil themselves or mentally ill.

Here is a good webpage that you might want to post that explains it better than I could explain it in a few sentences.

This is an opinion piece from a while back but it is still very relevant.


Deliver ‘US’ from Liberals


Gregory J. Rummo

Last Monday, Secretary of State Colin Powell visited the graves of Kurds that were gassed by Saddam Hussein in 1988 while liberals were still pointing to the Bush administration’s inability to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

What is it that blinds these people to the obvious truth that Saddam Hussein and his henchmen were the bad guys, not George Bush, Dick Cheney and their buddies in the oil patch?

It is the inability to distinguish good from evil.

I get e-mails from these people all the time. They are a confused bunch. I asked one who accused Bush of being a liar—an accusation he insisted was proven—if he had voted for Clinton—found in contempt of court in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case for lying about his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. “Didn’t everyone?” he wrote back.

No, everyone did not vote for Clinton. In fact almost 6 out of 10 voted against Clinton in both elections. Both presidential races were three-way, the majority of the votes going to the other two candidates.

But why let the facts stand in the way of opinion?

Fuzzy-headedness over the distinction between right and wrong is rooted in a rejection of godly standards.

Most liberals reject true, life-changing faith in God. Heaven forbid it should ever become the lodestone guiding one’s moral compass. Even those that practice a religion and attend a church insist that their faith is something private, has no rightful place in forming public policy and therefore must never be mingled with matters of state.

So when it comes to the question of good vs. evil, they are naturally flummoxed.

Is it any wonder?

These are the same people who winced when President Bush used the phrase “axis of evil,” in his State of the Union to characterize Iraq, North Korea and any country that posed a terror threat to the United States.

These are the same people who are always talking about “the children,” yet they believe that a woman’s right to choose means it’s okay to end the life of an unborn child, for any reason or no reason. The consequence of that play on words has resulted in the deaths of over 40 million children in America but it’s the pro-life crowd that is made out to be the evil extremists.

These are the same people who clamor for condom distribution in the public schools while insisting it is perfectly acceptable for a school official to take your minor daughter to a clinic for an abortion without your consent. Those who point to the steady rise in sexually transmitted diseases and believe that young men and women should be taught abstinence are sneered at by the elitists.

These are the people who think they know better than you about how to spend your hard-earned money. So their vision of social change takes precedence over your vision of how you plan to provide for your family. They characterize the president’s tax cut as something evil and all who benefit from it as “the rich.”

These are the same people who hide behind specious filibusters in the senate, denying floor votes that would have confirmed several qualified Bush appointees to the judiciary. Miguel Estrada was the most recent casualty, disqualified because he dares to be a practicing Roman Catholic. Liberals just cannot stomach the thought of someone with spiritual convictions interpreting the Constitution.

These are the same people who send their children to private schools while denying school choice and vouchers to yours because long ago they sold their souls to a monopolistic union that symbiotically votes them into office again and again.

These are the same people who see nothing wrong supporting the legal equivalence of the union of two homosexuals with traditional marriage, the institution that has been the foundation for the family and hence, all of western civilization for several millennia. Anyone opposed is automatically branded a homophobe despite the fact that most are actually Theophobes.

The wise King Solomon recognized this problem thousands of years ago. I suppose he too dealt with liberals in his day. He explained that those who relied on their own brute intellect and found no place for God in their lives as a force to shape opinions and make judgments would forever wrestle with the concept of good vs. evil. He wrote: “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil,”—a huge challenge indeed to those who can’t even recognize evil when they see it.

Gregory J. Rummo is a syndicated columnist. Visit his website, www.GregRummo.com
Are we really that different?

Oh, yeah...

This video shows it as clear as I have ever seen it shown.


Ok, now, do you understand? THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE.

Now can we move beyond this moral equivalence stuff? It just isn't true!
Are we really that different?

Oh, yeah...

This video shows it as clear as I have ever seen it shown.


Ok, now, do you understand? THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE.

Now can we move beyond this moral equivalence stuff? It just isn't true!
Nazi Germany dropped bombs on English cities and killed civilians. England dropped bombs on Germany and killed civilians.

Was England any different than Germany? Both used the same methods, achieved the same results.

But if you can't understand why England was Good and Germany was Evil then you really need to look into yourself as you have a problem with distinguishing Good from Evil. You should read this web page.

More videos showing how different they are from us.

























You see, hating Jews is what their whole society is centered upon. It is what their whole culture is based on. Without that, they would have no culture at all and would quickly fall apart.

there is one memri video that was my favorite for a long time .. but i can't find it now .. it's a preacher in iraq ... i think his name is al-samarrai or something ... in the clip, in the middle of the prayer he gets hysterical, pulls out a sward and brandishing it in the air starts shouting 'alahu akbar' ... absolutely hilarious ... do you have a link to this clip ???

You know what is kind of ironic. Not Ten minutes before you posted this, a guy on another blog posted this.


As his title proclaims, there is no need to apologize for doing what it takes to survive so I wish you would stop doing that. Self Hating will be the death of Israel.
MEMRI has some great material.

Here is their web page.


Here is a good video.


Is this the video you were talking about Nobody?


This is very serious, indeed...

But unfortunately, they are going to win.

We are all doomed.

They are the future.

I would say that you should get your prayer map early before the prices all go up. but as a Jew I don't believe they are going to give you the choice to either convert or die.

They will just kill you.

Hello from Montreal,

I was on the bus once reading a novel in Hebrew when an old man sat next to me and started a conversation. He was Jewish and assumed that I was as well by virtue of the Hebrew book (I'm Palestinian by the way).

I listened as he did most of the talking. He's old, remember... And once his stop came up he looked at me with fire and brimstone in his eyes and said:

"If they ever try to kill us again we will bring down the whole world down with us"

And on this cheerful note, I remind you that you have by far the strongest army in the region with enough nuclear weapons to fry planet earth a couple of times over.

So quit your whining and posturing as a poor and vulnerable "David", because you're not.

That Arab media is full of anti-semitic rubbish is a fact, but to make it sound like they're besieging poor vulnerable you and forcing you to convert to Islam is rubbish as well.

Arab regimes use Israel as a scapegoat to deflect criticism from themselves. At the end of the day they don't give two shits about Israel or the Jews. They are more than content with screwing over their own populations and amassing wealth and women. Ask an Arab who they perceive as a true threat and they would most probably tell you it's a rival Islamic sect.

I suggest you stop watching Fox News, as entertaining as they are, they contain the same rubbish as Arab networks, only packaged differently.
"And on this cheerful note, I remind you that you have by far the strongest army in the region with enough nuclear weapons to fry planet earth a couple of times over."

Yeah, but you need not only the means to fight but the will to fight as well.

You seem to have that. We don't.

Right now I would give it even odds who will survive. If we somehow regain our Balls, yeah, we would wipe you off the face of the earth, but otherwise it doesn't look so good.

You know, they do say the Bigger they are the harder they fall, but remember this, when they do fall they cause a mini-earthquake and leave quite a big impression on the earth.

So, yeah, I do believe, if we fall, we will bring the world down with us.
Actually as an American I am hoping that the destruction of Israel might lead to America finding its Balls.

It would come too late for the Israelis of course, but at least it might be a comfort to them to know that they will be avenged.

Michael Savage however brought up another possibility though. Perhaps someday average Israelis will rise up leading to something similar happening in America.

He is on the Internet if you are interested.

"Actually as an American I am hoping that the destruction of Israel might lead to America finding its Balls."

You had your red-meat Republican adventurism for 8 years now and look where it led you.

You need to learn to fight the terrorists without creating new ones. Once you do, America will be a safer place.

As for Israel, don't worry about them, they're holding up just fine. Again, I'm sick with the whole David vs. Goliath misperception.

Somehow paranoid people believe the fallacy that the Arabs are some powerful cohesive block with one agenda. If you took a minute to really take a look at the middle east you would realize that the Arabs are extremely divided and are not able to coordinate anything let alone some conspiracy to destroy America or Israel.

Alas, you (meaning paranoid folk) are no different than our idiots and their conspirazoid crap (thanks to NB for the term).

You feed them and they feed you, in the end. You need them, and they need you.

"YOU" here meaning paranoid people incapable of seeing nuance, regardless of what side of the conflict you're on.

So enjoy your youtube videos and I'm not surprised if you don't jerk off to them as well. (sorry Tse, it's dirty but not as half as incidentary at the garbage anoniem posts)

In the meantime, here's one for you:

My criticism regarding the youtube videos was mostly directed at anoniem. Don't take it personally.
Alas, you (meaning paranoid folk) are no different than our idiots and their conspirazoid crap (thanks to NB for the term).

it's not me ... bruno coined this term ... i am just using it under the terms of the Israel-Brazil 'cooperation and collaboration in the blogsphere' treaty .. but he is one who holds the copyright ...

We haven't even come close to fighting yet.

But I believe after the next incident we will find our balls.
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