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Sands of Passion

Seen on Mideast Youth posted by a blogger called D.B. Shobrawy whose blog is here - I can't help but repost this for whoever reads here to see it as well, I was in stitches when I saw it. I know of course that posting such satyrical clips about this subject by a jew is somewhat seen differently than had it been posted by an Arab, but my intentions are not bad: I just think it's very funny, that's all.
If anyone has a nice satyrical clip about jews, israeli's or whatever I'm supposed to "be" - I'd like to see that as well :D

Have fun:

Tse :D

Satire is a very effective weapon in this war against terror. Disney used it quite effectively during WWII and it is important that we use it now.

I loved this video as with the best satire it took truth and just slightly exaggerated it.

I hope that there will be more coming out like this.
Very disapointing things on mideastyouth ... visit - it's good!
Well, MidEastYouth is most certainly the biggest con I've ever seen. Wow, so cleverly played as if they are after peace while bashing Israel is permitted but soon as you say something back they play the "I am a victim of your superiority" card.

Blighmy *_* they want to be addressed superiorly, and if you don't fulfill their wish then they just make it up that you are acting superior.

Meanwhile, everybody can demonize Israel as much as they want there on that forum. have a look

Such cheaters. Peace?? My tush!
The question is why it took you both so long to come to your senses about MEY.... hey?

The writing was on the wall since the days of Howie and others got edged out
Well, I was asking her about that, but she said that he CHOSE not to post there anymore.

Must have been the same way I CHOOSE not to post there anymore: there's absolutely no willingness to be open and hear the 'other side'.
I know how the guy feels. Now that my wife is pregnant I'm also only allowed to look at her arms.
People in the sun:
set up an organization for internationally deprived arm-watching men?

It's hilarious! thnaks
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