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I had written a comment on "sabah's blog' to a posting he wrote with a circulation letter addressed to the Rolling Stones super-over-dramatizingly asking them not to come to Israel for a concert but to boycott Israel instead.
He has deleted my comment. Such a spoiled mummy's-boy. Darn I never get to understand those shortsighted people who only want to hear themselves and stick their fingers in their ears when someone is opposing their opinion and making them look ridiculous. Doesn't he realize he is only fooling himself? Poor guy :-(

this is the posting to which he desires not to hear anything else but 'yay+amen'

He doesn't realize maybe but he is contributing that while exercising my right to vote - I will ALWAYS vote for people like that to stay on the other side of the Ocean ;-)

This is for you sucker:


Very mature response :)
Leonid, I know! And hey, it feels so good :D :D
Thing is I HATE ARROGANT people. It's the only reason I reacted like this: his arrogance.
I really hate when people behave the way he does!

I think it's racist and stupid.

It doesn't matter what he thinks about the politics in the mideast. Even if he were right in his views (which he obviously isn't!) it has nothing to do with Rolling Stones coming to Israel. They're not a political band and people who come to their gigs can be both left-winged and ring-winged.

If artists could choose what kind of people would attend their concerts, I'd say people like him shouldn't be allowed, people who actively spread hatred around the world.
Hmmm... actually I would like him to attend the concert here. Just to let him experience standing between Israeli's during such concert and FEEL the brotherly vibrations of his 'target audience' (the ones he's trying to prevent from enjoying such concert) towards anyone during such time muslim, christian, atheist or jew is unimportant then. Maybe then he will understand who he's targetting with his superficial, unknowledgeable and distinct out-of-touch with people political interference.

As a matter of fact, if I could chose for a 'punishment' to his stupid behavior, I would chose just that: attending the concert :D
I perfectly understand your reaction, however to some people outside it seems logical. Israel has turned into a symbol of injustice, they don't really care about the outcome of an academic or cultural boycott, they just want to do it, sort of, for spite.
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