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A Happy Ending, for a change.....


SLA family reunites after 6 years

The woman, who hadn't seen her husband since Israel withdrew from southern Lebanon in May 2000, said she had been threatened by Hizbullah operatives in her southern Lebanese village.

The woman was accompanied by two sons and a daughter aged 14, 12 and seven.


Under a law passed in Knesset for SLA members and their families, the woman and her children can apply for Israeli nationality.

As everybody must have noticed by now, I've got a weak spot for love-stories ;-)

Torn apart by incomprehensible wars, I'm so happy to see at least this family united and receiving a fair chance to happiness under safe conditions....

That husband hasn't seen his children for 6 years (!!!). The youngest was only 1 year old when he had to leave them.... I can only imagine what it must have been like for him :(

Ya'woman!!! You've got guts approaching the border as if it isn't DA firepit of hostility. WELCOME to Israel, you courageous soul, from the bottom of my heart....


Who's the terrorist?

I'm the terrorist?!

How am I the terrorist when you've taken my land?
Who's the terrorist?

You're the terrorist!

You've taken everything I own while I'm living in my homeland

You're killing us like you've killed our ancestors

You want me to go to the law?

What for?

You're the Witness, the Lawyer, and the Judge!
If you are my Judge

I'll be sentenced to death

You want us to be the minority?

To end up the majority in the cemetery?

In your dreams!

You're a Democracy?

Actually it's more like the Nazis!

Your countless raping of the Arabs’ soul

Finally impregnated it

Gave birth to your child

His name: Suicide Bomber

And then you call him the terrorist?

You attack me but still you cry out

When i remind you it was you who attacked me
You silence me and shout:

"Don’t they have parents to keep them at home?"

"But you let small children throw stones!"


You must have forgotten you buried our parents under the rubble of our homes

And now while my agony is so immense

You call me the terrorist?

Who's the terrorist?

I'm the terrorist?

How I am the terrorist

When you've taken my land?!

Who's the terrorist?

You're the terrorist!

You've taken everything I own

while I'm living in my homeland

Why terrorist?! Because my blood is not calm

It's boiling!

Because I hold my head for my homeland

You've killed my loved ones

Now I'm all alone

My parents driven out

But I will remain to shout out

I’m not against peace

Peace is against me

It’s going to destroy me

You don't listen to uor voices

You silence us and degrade us

And who are you?!

And when did you became ruler?

Look how many you've killed

and how many orphans you've created

Our mothers are crying

Our fathers are in anguish

Our land is disappearing

And I'll tell you who you are!

You grew up sported

We grew up in poverty

Who grew up with freedom?

And who grew up in continument?

We fight for Our freedom

But you've made that a crime

And you, the terrorist call me the terrorist!

Who's the terrorist?

I'm the terrorist?

How I am the terrorist

When you've taken my land?!

Who's the terrorist?

You're the terrorist!

You've taken everything I own

while I'm living in my homeland

So when will I stop being a terrorist?!

When you hit me and I turn the other check

How do you expect me to thank

the one who harmed me?!

I tell you what!

You tell me how you want me to be!

Down on my knees with my hands tied up

My eyes to the ground

Surrounding by bodies

Houses destroyed

Families driven out

Our children orphaned

Our freedom chained up

You oppress

You kill

We bury

We'll remain patient

We'll suppress our pain

Most importantly you feel secure

Just relax and leave us all the pain

You see our blood is like that of dogs


When dogs die they receive sympathy

So our blood is not as valuable as a dogs

No - My blood is valuable

And I will continue defending myself Even if you call me a terroris

.. This pretty much sums up the sentiment. Palestinian Hiphop

A DAM-fan, I suppose?

Above link gives you some more songs to download ;)

This is basically the same view that some Muslims have, so how can we hate Jews in general when they are righteous people among them?

Israel is not only for religious people, and you know that no? Most of the Israeli's are secular. Living here for 3 generations already. Born here, their parents born here. Where would you suggest I (being married with an Iraqi not able to ever claim his possessions in Iraq anymore) and my family go to?

Where do you expect the Arabs to go, was it not in Israel that a political party was ready to ship all Arabs out of their own land? Was the poll rating not about 80% agreeing to this proposal, and I got this off CNN. The Palestinians are living in a ghetto and they have no were to go, and your complaining even though all Israelis are entitled to citizenship in any country they please (the one that recognizes them).
I'm just trying to get you to understand why such hostilities exist, and why people want "Israel wiped off the map", it's their government not the Jewish people. Just like the U.S government, which has gone down the drain. A little bit of history from my great country, 300 years ago some european colonist came to the continent claiming to escape religious persecution and wanting freedom, they impose themselves on Native Americans, who were more than gracious and hospitable UNTIL they were threatened with this idea of having their land seized by these people who say they want freedom, so they get their defenses up, and of course, the europeans bring the bible in, saying these people are evil devils, even though they were given signs of welcome. AND THEN THE BLOODSHED, and who's to blame, people who are defend their land or the ones imposing themselves, now lets move to this century, Mexicans, most of Native American (Aztec) lineage are crossing the border for economic freedom, but of course this is not acceptable, especially when the land is owned by "God fearing Christians" the same ones who RIPPED AND SHREDDED the natives lands, this is karma, this is fate, these are the repercussions of injustice,
"Your countless raping of the Arabs’ soul

Finally impregnated it

Gave birth to your child

His name: Suicide Bomber"

This is in anguish, and I support the resistance, because I have seen what has happened when people keep quiet. The Native Americans in the U.S.A have the highest suicide rates, can you IMAGINE, JUST IMAGINE, having no history, and whatever history you do have, it is manipulated into a joke, and no land (reservations, in a civilized country?!), no language, their lost, but my God, the Palestinians fight, and I can't believe their strength or their resiliance, the Woman the children, the all smile even when they know they are not recognized by more than half the world. We can't let what happened to the countless indigenous nations of the world, look at the aborigne or the maori,look. And people will argue that Muslims were no better, look at WEST AFRICA, AT THE EAST OF AFRICA AND AT CHINA, AND AT SPAIN, they have maintained their cultures their land, they were only given a common religion (excluding most of Spain, thanks to the spanish inquisition, and parts of China). So seek truth, sister, seek truth, and when you find it, you have an obligation as a human being to spread it.
May God keep you from harm.

obviously one's got the right to defend one's heritage and lands. It's therefore that a fully autonomous, independent Palestinian state has not only the right to exist, its people have an obligation to make it exist. However:

there have been wars, there have been so much bloodshed and things have so dramatically changed in a natural manner (like the example I gave you before having 3 generations been born here) since almost a century ago, that there are new facts on the ground now, that request for an adaptive approach in order to not only regain the rights of the Palestinians, but gain these rights in a lawful, respected, but most of all honorful manner. To blow yourselves up within civilian population is NOT honorable... it's making you into the very same persons as the image of what you have of the "christian crusaders" of the early days in the America's.

How can anyone demand respect for their rights if those demands are accompanied by actions like killing children on purpose by blowing them up? Do you really, truthfully believe violence/attack will bring about understanding for a just cause? I'm totally convinced -you see- that it brings about exactly the opposite effect: it leads away from the cause and concentrates on those violent actions, making THOSE the main subject to be dealt with.

Btw: are you Palestinian ?

Take care, brother & stay safe,

I think the idea concerning the "civilian population" is that no one in Israel over the age of 18 is seen as a innocent civilian. Those people have the ability to vote and are active in the IDF, so basically Israel is seen as the nation of soldiers. These suicide bombers have the intention to cause as much pain to the people they see have been responsible for the strife of their people. Basically this whole situation can be cleared up, simply by informing the Israelis of what really going on, I refuse to believe that every single person in that country if presented with the truth would not feel heart sick, and they would finally understand that the violence that befalls them is due to the policies their elected governments have imposed on the Palestinian people. I think you have to rid the people of the sentiment " A good arab is a dead one" (from a documentary, called THE OTHER ZIONISTS). And maybe then, every Palestinian would not feel the same toward the Jews.
"To blow yourselves up within civilian population is NOT honorable... it's making you into the very same persons as the image of what you have of the "christian crusaders" of the early days in the America's."
It isn't honorable, it's a last resort, but it is viewed as honorable by a desperate people, and I don't blame, anyone who is ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their countrymen is fine with me. I think you have the idea that only muslims are suicide bombers, look at the situation in Sri Lanka and the position of the Tamil Tigers, they are seen as freedom fighters to their people, and if you look at the hardships of the tamils in every country they reside you would understand that such a resistance was needed even it is the "wrong" approach, in their case they will still be seen as the scum between their counterparts (higher in social status) toes. So these suicide bombers are nothing more than people who are involved in the resistance, do you actually think that if someone was given legitimate hope and not rhetoric that they would continue with these campaigns, I mean really think about it.
May God keep you safe.
No I'm an American sister, and I'll give you site for a fellow American that witnessed the atrocies in the Palestinian territories. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=32424780
sorry this is the correct link
I'm sorry, Anonymous -

I know of too many Palestinians actually living in the PA who do not at all agree with you. They don't consider blowing oneself up while taking away the life of others a justified means for obtaining their rights. Actually, they suffer more because of it, because - terrorattacks have brought them more hardship than ever before because of the inhumane, but sometimes necessary, security regulations Israel had to take in avoidance of them (like that anti-terror fence thing).

I don't see how that is going to help anyone, and least of all the Palestinian people, since the foremost important element for Israel is offering protection to its citizens and they are willing to do about everything for that.

Things, although by far a lot better then, were not rosy before the Intifada II, but chances for gaining the Palestinians their rights were by 1 million time greater than they are now with terror.... This cycle of violence will go nowhere, will bring the Palestinians nowhere - and that's exactly the opposite of where you wanna go, no?

Be well, sister - take care & stay safe,
I don't want to go anywhere, I'm explaining that the Palestinians have every right to resist, and that this resistance should not be labelled as terrorism. Did I once say that I would gladly give into violence if an olive branch was offered?
Maybe you've misunderstood everything I've been writing, I have been defended the Palestinian resistance, as I stated earlier it is no different than many events in history. AND that if there ever was a glitter of hope and reconcilation for the Palestinian would there be any suicide bombers?
"but chances for gaining the Palestinians their rights were by 1 million time greater than they are now with terror."
If this was true... then why wasn't there any peace offering during the reign of a government that was actually ok with a 2 state idea to begin with, BEFORE a group that wants nothing to do with the Israeli state came into power after the Intifada.
By the way did you check out the site?
May God keep you safe sister.
P.S. Does chamsa mean the same thing in arabic, shams, sun?
Ok, forget it, it won't come out right, let me give you her MYSPACE display name End the Occupation in Palestine, and just look for that under search and click on DISPLAY NAME when you type that in.
Shalom sister, thank you again for your comment. My response somewhat got outta hand, so I just post it here:


About the link, maybe to split it into two ? Like:


so I'll stick it together in my address-bar.

Be well & peace sister,
I don't really know what to make of this.

I'm still chewing...
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