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I don't think terror is a way of resistance. It isn't for the Basks, it isn't for the IRA's, it isn't for Iraqi insurgents. I still don't believe that one's struggle has to be fought over the dead bodies of civilians. I truely believe nobody has the right to commit alternative killing (meaning: to take the live of someone else than anybody guilty of doing the same thing).

You wrote before you think every Israeli over 18 is "guilty", but I don't see it that way at all. There has to be some flexibility in each-other's demands. Israeli's won't leave Israel and Palestinians won't leave their claims for a autonomous, independent country (so both have to let go of their claim to wanna own ALL of this land) - and what we are having here right now are extremist Palestinian groups that hi-jack their people's cause while providing the Israeli extremists excuses that- if there would be, say, an extreme right-wing party in government right now - would go out to an all-out war. I think many people just can't seem to understand that what is seen by Israeli's as the "Palestinian problem" can be violently crushed within a few days. King Hussein of Jordan has done it before, it happened to the PLO in Lebanon as well... In Kuwait Palestinians were expelled during the Gulf war...

I'm not bashing about Israel's military abilities right now, and I'm most certainly not defending violence - but my disgust for violence goes both ways. I'm most certainly NOT saying that's what the Palestinian People deserve, on the contrary (I'm stipulating what terror-groups having taken their fate in their hands are doing to them) ... I'm just saying play it up too loud and think what can come from it. Not something you would like, I think. Certainly not something I would like, most definitely not.

The Palestinians are at the losing end of this conflict -and people on the losing end sometimes have to make WISE decisions, not only follow their feelings (which are anger) because that brings them nowhere. If you lose at any game you play you can't be announced the winner by throwing your opponent's pawns off the table. You gotta think out a strategy to improve your position IN the game.

Terror is NO strategy. If anything at all, it is playing right in the hands of the extremists of "the other side" - hardening the population of the "other side" to your problems, your hardship - because they feel victimized themselves and therefore diminishing your own chances to your right for equality, freedom, justice and independence.

ALL the hardships the Palestinian people go through right now stems forth from that awful decision to proclaim the Intifada II - the "wall", the internal checkpoints, the closing of the borders for social as well as working purposes....

and no. There was no peace-settlement before the Intifada II. Things were also not that great for the Palestinians. But at least they stood at the beginning of a freeway that could, and in my opinion certainly would, lead them to their goals while as now, they're heading backwards full speed :(

Who would force them to sign an agreement they wouldn't agree with? Who could stand in their way trying to obtain their rights if they don't overstep those of others (like with suicidebombings)? Governments are chosen by the people in democracies so that would have been the final test to test if the Israeli people are "guilty".... But they never got the chance. (Sometimes I think this whole thing is a conspiracy anyway LOL)

Whether Israel was right or wrong (and, they WERE wrong - to keep on building settlements while negotiating peace - to start settlements alltogether in my eyes, but halas) doesn't matter really. The result is what counts - and the result is that terror is making Israel stronger and stronger and stronger all the time because it signals: "no matter what you do, we'll attack you anyway - we want you eradicated from here...." and that means "you OR me" i/o "you & me" (looking for solutions that satisfy both) and in a "final combat" everybody knows who would win.


I admired your brave comment on 'The Sudanese Thinker'! And I have read some of your postings here, I admire you even more!
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Great post Tse. Unfortunately the conflict is a perpetual vicious circle where one side feeds the other, and vice-versa. Terrorism is definitely not the way out of it though.
Hello, some of your selected articles are interesting. I might post some on my Blog and illustrate them. Regards.Ben
Hello Tsedek, I answered to your last comment on my Blog. The last text you wrote here is very good. You always have different opinions than the larger public, don't you?
Interesting post. I would clearly agree that terrorism is neither ethical or effective, however what would you suggest?

The imperative to resist is fundermental to the success of the Palestinian cause however, what is the best method when you are sysematically ignored and sidlined?
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