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Am I going mad, or is it the world?

Additionally, he said that Hizbullah’s refusal to disarm does not violate the resolution, as the terror group’s weapons will be kept in storage and not be displayed in public.

In an interview
given to al-Jazeera Fadlallah seemed to have said the above...

That's grande!! I mean.... how would anybody think of that? "I have no weapons - because they're in storage..." HUH??? What about owning them? Should that word have been stipulated in the resolution (1701)?



They are learning from IDF, Tsedek.
Ironic and stupid, right ?
Regardless of whether Hizbollah is copying or learning from the IDF, if the terms of the ceasefire call for disarmerment, and you don't disarm, something's wrong.
Actually, I should correct myself there.

The terms of the deal call for demilitarization. I just can't wrap my head around a concept of demilitarization that doesn't include either the wholesale removal of weapons from an area, or the destruction of those weapons.

Laying them down where they can easily be reached is not (in my own opinion) consistent with a plan to demilitarize the designated areas.
Hello Tsedek..

Would you plz go through these articles :)

( talking about refugees in Jaffa in 1948 )

and :

Talking about settlers in Hebron..
Drew.catt ~ I think you're so right. I just can't figure out how(???) disarming can be viewed disarmed when you just put your weapons in the closet????
I'm totally going bunkers over this, it seems so surrealistic.... How can anyone diverse from straightforward thinking?

Osaid, could you please be more detailed as to which exact rules the IDF is dugging its commitments towards rules laid out by resolutions or any other int'l law?

I've started to read the link you gave written by Amira Hass. I'm sorry, although the material she's describing must be and carry some truth in it, I'm prejudiced because of who's writing it. She is the typical "self-righteous" person that I can't stand... :(

You know that I'm well aware of the discrepancies of the IDF - and downright terrorist actions of (hilltop) settlers and others.... I don't need to be convinced.. I've seen them. With my own eyes....

As for the other link: I'll read it tomorrow and let you know :)

See also the comment I left you on your blog...

It is the world.

Whether they (Hizb'Allah) like it or not, they will disarm.

I would wish that they would integrate themselves into the Lebanese army but I doubt that will happen.

They realize that while we stood together under bombardment, we cannot allow them to dictate their (warped)foreign policy in peace. A majority of Lebanese have had more than enough. It is time for reason. It is time for Lebanon to move forward. Grow. Thrive. Regain it's place in the region. That of a country home to artists, intellectuals, lovers of life.

Enough of Assad, Ahmadinejad and warped ideology. Enough.

They will disarm. They have no choice.
Let us hope, Refugee. Keep our fingers crossed that all those with foreign influence will be dismantled and let us - people of the region - live our lives. I'm sure WE will manage to get along - soon as the human voices can be heard over the shouting, propaganda, political dealers in this -what seems to me sometimes - game...

Refugee, it's people like you that give me hope.

I wish I can be as hopeful as PR but there is this thing inside that keeps bugging me, I don't trust this nasrallah and his commitment to Lebanon ... I want to believe it and shut my other doubtful thoughts but how?
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