maandag, november 20, 2006


Enemy infiltration

Whuhaaha.... couldn't let this one pass by without mentioning it here. I am just awake but it feels I'm still dreaming reading this:,7340,L-3330195,00.html
Training jet hits porcupine, 2 troops lightly injured
Plane hits porcupine upon landing. Soldiers take off again and land safely, then transported to hospital
I can just imagine it:

"sudden demand of breeding porcupines in Middle-East"

"newest weapon in the struggle against Israel: porcupines"

"price of porcupines sky-rocketed"

"no Israeli jet able to take-off anymore due to sudden infiltration of porcupines"


Okay, back to reality: poor porcupine!


You could play it in two ways. Either:

"IAF resumes targeted killing of porcupines"


"Porcupine martyr strikes at zionist occupiers"

Hihihiii... yeah, you're right there |3run0! Just like reality, it's easy to bend facts according to one's own interpretation of it :)
Yeah. Too bad being accused of being a zionist agent doesn't pay real money.
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