dinsdag, december 04, 2007


We are Arabs, we are Jews....

we are all different kind of nationalities - all different people, but we want peace for the whole world..... we want to have a good time, instead of killing each other.....

AbdelkaderSaadoun tells you what I want,



Arabs just like killing.

They don't want peace.
Sir/Ma'am, please find a site where your racist remarks are appreciated. I suggest the KKK or neo-Nazi parties.
Zo maak je geen vrienden natuurlijk.
........... en heb je van Sinterklaas ook weinig te verwachten..........
I wish I understood maghrebi Arabic.. but their tendency to omit most vowels makes it very difficult to decipher..
That's one Muslim against 1.4 billiard Muslims. Sure it will take time until 51% of Muslims in the world will really want peace. Until than.... tears, wars and blood!

Muslims don't want peace for now and keep killing mostly themselves (http://www.nrg.co.il/online/1/ART1/483/521.html), and that's fact and not a racist remark!

Arabs are just a violent culture.

Peace is just not part of their makeup.

It would be like saying that the Vikings wanted peace. No, they didn't. Their whole culture was based on violence.
The Palestinians are no Vikings. The Vikings were real warriors whereas the Palestinians hide among women and children.
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