zondag, december 16, 2007


Burning Skies

One of the most beautiful things people here can enjoy without other people letting them pay for it or placing borders to cross are the magnificent skies.

Every Saturday I walk to the beach and each time, like the first time, when arriving there until leaving, I am overwhelmed. Perhaps you would be too if you see things like this.

The beach was my starting point in Israel. I should damn it. I should be angry at it. I thought it was Paradise here and it turned out to be like Hell. But, I can't. I look out over the huge vastness until the water turns into sky, listen to the music the sea is roaring up from his belly and feel the waves rolling towards the sand after having been broken further away on my tired feet, refreshing them... giving them power, stimulating this feeling all the way up all through my body, my mind.... my heart.

For 30 years now I am going to the beach (although not all those years every Saturday, lol) and it feels like I am visiting a friend. One that is always there, that has mood-changes - sometimes angry sometimes calm- but one that will never leave me....

Like music, the sea is my heaven....

(this photo I took last week onn Saturday)



Your muse.
Very nice picture, Tsedek.

I will take a bath now [in fckgh cold germany], close my eyes and think of it.
Couldn't agree more about the skies...

I am fortunate to have an excellent view of the sea from my office - every evening is a feast for the eyes :)
come surfing with me :)
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