donderdag, december 06, 2007


מצבי רוח

lo, at lo levad.. anachnu itach

*hugs & kisses*

it's funny though that everyone i send this clip to was more concentrated on the words of the song than the spastic movements this renee zellweger was exhibiting and I am since ages doing the same when a certain song hits my heart. :D
you don't have to tell me about reacting to music... my body becomes its own master when a captivating tune is on.

The last two days I've been hooked on xoussef's
zoubida song

Not to mention that the girls are aesthetically pleasing. (in a platonic way of course, it's like admiring a parking lot full of ferraris)
Thanks for pointing to that song. I like it (a lot) as well, indeed it makes me happy listening to it ;-)

(ferrari's?? :D :D :D )
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