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Yes, I'm ashamed

to be posting twice in one day, but..... I won't now for some time. I noticed there are daily around 50 readers of this blog (one day some more and another day some less) that's why I thought some of those might be interested to read into some AUTHENTIC history of this land we are all quibbling about. These accounts have been drawn up by a rabbi in Palestine in 1840 (or thereabouts) and is REALLY very interesting (also shows you how UN-united this land has always been, with way more diversity than being told in nowadays political propaganda for score points on 'ownership' - and this goes both ways).

I found this following piece a tad bit racist - but on the other hand in the stories that are told in the link I provide underneath, racism was also applied towards the jews so, I suppose, that was the trend then, as it still is in many cases now.


The name Mislamin, Mussulman, is etymologically derived from the root Salem, “perfect, complete, enlightened, faultless,” or a man who has attained perfection in all his relations. The title or expression Malim, “master, or doctor,” is a term of offence to the Mahomedans, wherefore they are never addressed by it.

Should a Mahomedan be called or addressed in this manner unawares, he asks very angrily and offended, Ana Malim, “Am I only a master or learned man?” You have then to apologize, and to say that this offence was committed without thought, without any intention of wounding his feelings. The salutation Selam Alikun, “Peace with you,” should only be used among Mussulmans, but not from a non-Mahomedan to a Mahomedan, unless to offend him and be offended in turn by his rude reply. A non-Mahomedan has to address a follower of the Koran with Alla vi, “God be present.” Selam should be used only by and to a Selamen, Mislamin.

The only pity is, that the poor Mislamin is perfect already at his birth, and thus brings his perfections with him in the world like the animal, wherefore he has no necessity for any cultivation or improvement. But in modern times it appears that the Mahomedans do not regard themselves any more as so completely perfect, and are not so particular with the different titles, and tacitly submit to be styled once a while “learned, doctor, or master.”

Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you: Rabbi Joseph Schwarz


Beetje virtueel uitwaaien is niet verkeerd, www.fryslansite.com
you've become a real blogger junkie, tsedek
Nobody 'fate' had it that I'm 'connected' to the internet many hours a day... It is hard on me not to let my 'initiative' hear from time to time :(

what's up with you btw? you blog looks more like a puzzle to me lately. Why aren't you blogging 'regulary' anymore?
well that's funny :D the etymological explanation and all... thanks for sharing
as i continued to develop my brilliant theories my posts grew in length and complexity until to write even one such a post has become a real pain ... sometimes the ability to think short comes back and i drop a few dozens and hundreds of lines on my blog but most of the time it's too long to share it with the world ... i feel sorry for the world but i am too lazy to continue enlightening and guiding it with my posts ...

(never mind that i am very busy lately)
You should not put salt on all snails!
Nobody so, you're just too busy :D

Xoussef interesting huh! I would have thought the "alla vi" to be something french or latin orso :D
you know tsedek .. i've been blogging for a whole year by now .... and i started blogging with a certain understanding of the situation in this country and around it .. during the past year i took a more detailed look at things i was blogging about because this is what happens when you are blogging .. you read articles more carefully, some of them several times, you read occasionally stuff you would never read under other circumstances ...

now after this blogging year i cannot help being amazed by how much my understanding of this shit has changed .. and it's a kinda difficult to continue blogging at the same rate after you discover that just the opposite of what you were originally thinking is happening ..
Nobody, can you give one concrete example from what is differently happening than what you originally thought? I fail to see much discrepancy between your postings and "the" situation namely, because this situation STILL can be interpreted in a million different ways.
Nobody does have an explanation and others just like a snap of a finger stop because this blogging is a hype.
In a year or so, half of the blogging population will have stopped and we will be left with haaibaaitjes like you.
Tsedek said...

Nobody, can you give one concrete example from what is differently happening than what you originally thought?

well ... it's mostly technical stuff, tsedek .. i was not blogging for peace or in order to make the world a better place ... at the core i remain a right winger and even more than before ...

but say i was thinking that israeli jews will develop into more like a nation in which cultural identity based on hebrew will become a basis of national identity ... now i think that in the next decades israel will grow markedly more jewish and religious .... and i am not sure i will like the change

another thing is that i used to think that arabs/muslims pose a serious demographic threat to jews in israel and in general are posed to take over whole new regions in the world ... now i see that their demographic momentum is running out of steam everywhere, at least in the arab world.. i won't be surprised to see in two decades their share of the population in israel starting shrinking relative to the jews while their north african countries swept away by immigration from sub saharan africa ... part of this is because i just checked the data both for israel and for the region and the trend is very clear and it's nothing what i used to think ...

or i thought that the best chance of the arab world for modernization lies with their opposition .. now i think that their opposition, whether it's islamic or secular, is a bunch of nuts and loonies .. if anything, the only people who can actually move them forward are those of their dictators and kings who've gone reformist and if their so called democratic opposition takes over it will set them back for decades ... it will be another iran like story ..

stuff like this ... of course the next year i may go back to my original ideas ... nothing is stable in our region including my views
Nobody, I had to giggle over this:

i was not blogging for peace or in order to make the world a better place ... at the core i remain a right winger and even more than before ...

so. . . rightwingers don't want to make the world a better place? LOL!!!

Anyway, you really think the country will turn more religious? I just can't believe so.

But sure: the "middle-east-dynamics" is one of the fastest changing dynamics of the world I think (or at least it feels that way for me) so 'up's and 'downs' change rapidly.

You'll be back :D
Flappie. I'm NOT a haaiebaai GRRR
so. . . rightwingers don't want to make the world a better place? LOL!!!

i was saying that only my understanding of technicalities has changed .. not that i turned into mr peace now ...

but in a way you have a point .. i dont believe in social reformism.. i am not a utopianist ... if people want to reform the world they can start by reforming themselves ... instead it looks as if many people are dreaming about how to create a perfect society ... it's impossible and counterproductive as far as i am concerned ...
as to israel turning more religious i bet you read the same statistics i do ... it's reported that in 2012 1/3 of all first graders would be learning in the ultra orthodox schools .. never mind that we have other religious people here ... judaism in israel does not end with the ultra orthodox ... i also see some secular people becoming religious or at least starting practicing some bits of the tradition ..

apparently the same thing is happening on the other side .. this is what nizo and at least one another palestinian blogger say ... looks like a regional if not a global trend
No. Which statistics? That sounds frightening to tell you the truth. I am completely for total freedom - so the religious education is no exemption to that - but wouldn't like the 'relaxed' tenure of our society to turn into the compulsory atmosphere orthodox are applying to "their own". Yuk :(

"The other side"'s turning more orthodox is a known fact. Everybody talks about it. (in the respective countries, as well as in the WB and Gaza, although I got the feeling the WB is struggling not to become so -hamas vs. fatah).

Who knows Nobody the ominous 'prophecies' of both religions will become the truth :( Personally I know at least 3 religious who 'adore' Ahmedi because him being the 'tool' of God (and strange thing is he said so himself as well, but obvious with another intention) . . .
well tsedek .. it's not ahmedists who rule gaza now ... i can ask nizo of course to be sure but i dont think that it's a rise of ahmedism that's so depressing him ...
But seen your writing you at least must have some traces of being snibbig.
Nobody that was not the point *_*
Weren't we speaking about 'fundamentalism' as a whole?

flappie that is so not true!
Well, looking at those glowing eyes gives me a total different feeling.
Until now there is in my opinion not yet any sign of anything snoezepoezerigs about you.
Tsedek said...

Nobody that was not the point *_*
Weren't we speaking about 'fundamentalism' as a whole?

as far as i know there are very few ahmadis around and they are not recognized as muslims by the mainstream islam ... of course i assume we are speaking about one and the same thing - you mean this guy who is claimed to be both the second coming of christ, the mahdi and everybody else in one person ???

anyway, fundamentalism is fundamentalism ... if it was all about new age cults, freak sects and new religions such as bahais or ahmadis i bet nobody would mind this so much .. but i am afraid that's not the case at all and what we are talking about is indeed, as you rightly noticed, fundamentalism
Ahmedi = ahmedinejad. You will find that those having "strong feelings of dislike" (hahaaa) towards Israel seem to support whoever can cause a serious threat upon it. So, fine, many fundamentalists won't agree with him - but when he says 'will wipe israel off the map' (or words to this extent) fundamentalists carrying a different ideology or even downright oppose him will tend to wholeheartedly agree with him and even support him (I have yet to find anyone who can be called fundamentalist opposing his will to get nuclear capabilities and I'm sure that this is because of his threat towards Israel because you can hardly expect them to be happy about him having a weapon they don't possess).

What do you think?

Flappie i'm no snoezepoes either. I don't really like those comparisons.
sorry .. i was thinking you are talking about ahmadis ... so you say ahmalala thinks that he is a tool of god ?? i also think he is ... i only have to figure out what the iranians did wrong that they were punished with him being their president
Yeah, that's the big question. But, wasn't it so that 'life isn't fair'?
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