zondag, november 04, 2007


"We Oppose"

Source: Syrian Times

Jordan opposition parties against normalization with Israel

The Jordanian national opposition parties higher coordination committee has called for stopping all forms of normalization with the racist Zionist entity, renewing opposition to the Wadi Arava treaty and all treaties and agreements with the Zionist enemy.

In a press statement made by the committees spokesman, the first secretary of the Jordanian Democratic Peoples, party, Ahmad Youssef, the committee called on the Jordanian government not to support the meeting that was called for by the US administration, warning of dropping Palestinian refugees right to return, Judaising Jerusalem and the continuation of aggression and blockade on the Palestinian people. ‏

The committee condemned blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and reduction of fuel and food supplies, calling on the Arab League and its member states to act urgently for stopping the policy of collective punishment against the Palestinian people for being a war crime and organized terrorism. ‏

It also confirmed support to the Iraqi people in strengthening their steadfastness in the face of attempts of partition.

Aaaaaahhhh shouqi-ya-shouqi,


De edelsteen
in zijn gouden bed
van zijn ruig verleden
uhuh. . . *_*
I love that song ya Tse...a true folkloric classic..
yeah, , Nizo I got that impression. I know there are things connected to childhood that arouse feelings in us whether we want them of not, that define some small or bigger detail in our 'identity' :)
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Das Lächeln gefällt mir

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