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Sir, you lack personal sophistication!

That is what a community in the Galilea told someone applying to buy land in or near that community. Except for the disgusting fact that it is pretty obvious they were shunned because they are Arab, I still don't get this 'community-thing'? Who the hell has power over where people live? Other people? Who are those 'commissions' that let others go through "psychoanalytical tests and interviews with the community's admissions board"?? Admission to what? Who are those community boards? How dare they 'select'? Wasn't "selection" too much of a trauma barely 70 years ago to make enough of an impression to last? (And don't do it to others)
Here you can find the story about the Arab-Israeli couple and the High Court

A week ago I coincidently watched a news item about a school called 'Beit Yacov' (in Emanuel) - I found some discussion about this here (in Hebrew, it says basically that girls of ashkenazi and mizrachi descend are separated from each other IN school and outside on the school premises, and that the school even has erected a wall so they can't see each other in the schoolyard). Same thing. . . "people" thinking that they are better than others. It seems that under the religious this is quite a common thing. I can only ask:

"What Will You Say On Judgment Day" ?


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