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Does it still exist?



yesterday exactly, precisely as I was reading Yudiths blog "occupied" about the earthquake that hit Israel a few days ago I thought something was wrong with my body. It started trembling. Then, as the ventilator near me started to make noises as it was swept against the door it is standing near, I realized this might have nothing to do with my body and more with the earthcrust.

it is a WEIRD feeling being 'sort of' swayed from side to side but nothing too obvious so you have no idea at all what is going on at the moment, but........

as I was reading about the earthquake (as mentioned above) I most definitely experienced an earthquake... It was later confirmed at the haaretz site as a 'light' one.

Today I came across some photos of a site I visit often because it gets me in a mood of heavily innocence (not knowing what would be with the area here at that time) - and encountered a photo of "Jerusalem after the earthquake of 1927" - I thought I might place it here. It somehow fits into this nostalgic mood I seem to be in lately:

Here : it's on top of this post: blogspot is quite restricted when it comes to outlay grrrrrr

the link to MANY great photos of the time before any demonizing politics invaded it but people just were people living their lives:


im sick and tired of when a really important question is being asked no-one knows the answer :(
Wow, G-d really, really doesn't want Israel to give up any more territory. The earth literally quakes at the prospect of that happening.

It must be cool having G-d talk so clearly and directly to your people.

I hope your leaders take heed.
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