zondag, november 25, 2007



I've been asked to write something positive. OK, I can't. I don't write when ordered namely. However to show a little spark of my twisted humor, I attach herewith a photo I took some days ago when one of the guys building the concrete tower that is going to take away yet another piece of my view on the skies opposite me made me laugh that much that I had to photograph him -

This is my humor (nobody else was laughing) -------- or,

do I have a dirty mind?

Let me know :D



love the hose..
hmmm :D
In Saudi Arabia this picture would have a negative impact on your career.
in Saudia I could never pursue my career - (which doesn't mean I got to pursue it here, but then because of different reasons) -
being a 'shaliach' (messenger boy- well, in my case woman) -

I'd like to see the hijab wearing femal 'motor-mouses' cruising through Riyadh or somewhere :D
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