vrijdag, oktober 19, 2007


Olmert: go home you bastard


Report: Israel withheld information on Gabriel Dwait

IDF's intelligence branch knew what happened to man who drowned three years ago and whose body was returned this week in exchange deal with Hizbullah, but State did not bother to update his family, Yedioth Ahronoth reports

You heartless monster residing in your multimillion dollar mansions and totally out of contact with humanity, go, go, go...... you dirty creep. How dare you keep this information from a family that is searching for its son for 3 years??

Are you real, Olmert? I find it hard to imagine a person, a human being, is able to do what you have done. If there will ever be a demonstration demanding you to go, to leave this country even, I will walk up front. You sent soldiers to their death for your 'prestige' - you are even too afraid to face their families on remembrance days, and you treat people like dirt - evidence is this liitle piece of totall ignorance to confirm this again.

Olmert: you are SCUM!!!!!!!!


hi friends
thanks for your soprt

Egypt violated the rights of Sudanese refugees
More than 10000 refugees, mostly in Egyptian prisons
Egyptian authorities have killed more than 100 of them
They resort to Israel to receive the safty of injustice Egyptian authorities, what is happening is a shame in the face of humanity
In my blog was portrayed by the suffering of these
see this movie and tray do not cray
Am asudanes bloger in egypt
Thank you for your support
Hi Oehalim,
I saw that clip you placed at your blog and have placed it on several dutch forums.
The sadness of the affair is that NOBODY is interested in it. Nobody gives a damn.
So far for regular 'enlightened' society.
Shame on them.
dude u never emailed me..
You now what's funny? I posted probably the very first talkback on that ynet news page and it didn't pass censureship, because it isn't there.
Ynet has totally 'dunnit' for me now. What's this censureship thing? Are they a government tool?

Lirun the 'object' arrived but both peace-meetings were cancelled so I never got to see him. ;)
c'mon now???????? nobody else is upset about this????
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