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I feel humiliated

. . . said a 33-year old woman today on the radio (Reshet Bet) - when asked how she felt about living in Israel.

She is a single mother of triplets and works for a living - well... what should be 'living'. She makes 3,400 NIS bruto (netto 3,200 NIS) a month and pays $550 a month rent. The bituach leumi (socials security services) pay her child allowance of 110 NIS per child per month.

NIS 3,530 - minus around 2,000 NIS ($550) rent leaves her with 1,500 NIS to live from in a family of 4. That leaves: water, electricity, arnona, telephone, food, clothes, kindergarten. . .

She said it is a struggle deciding which bills to pay each month, because obviously she can't pay all bills. She was slowly drowning.

She was asked how it feels....

"I feel humiliated'


"Because I'm not given a possibility to earn a respectful living here"


I hope she won't send her boys to the army when they grow up. I mean: what for? To "live" like that?

An angry

"She is a single mother of triplets and works for a living"

Here is what I get angry about:dead-beat dads whether they are living in Arab World/Israel/Europe or wherever.

The biological father should be responsible for the financial maintainance of the children irrespective of whether the children live with the mother or father.And get a garnishee order ordering his boss to take the maintainance off his wages!!

And if the father is not alive or incapable,well,whatabout the grandparents and uncles helping out?
g. - there -by coincidence- was an item at a news broadcast about this on tv here: "Israeli Beaurocracy".

There was this divorced woman who lived with her parents at a moshav (and the house looked very nice, not 'your average poor dump' - with her 2 children. The court had judged that her husband had to pay alimony and childsupport but he outright refused and didn't convey the money. Now, for one reason or another they (officials) never seem to 'catch' him. They have his address and address of employment, but nada, zill, zero...

So, she gets up very early in the mornings and start following her ex-husband and -when she sees he is in a spot he will be at long enough, she phones the officials (I think it is the police) - that her ex is there and they will come and hand him an order to either pay or go to jail for 3 days. He never pays.....

The man is still walking around and nobody is doing anything about it. Here you can perpetrate the law and as long as it doesn't concern a 'friend' (close to the dish,or vitamin "P" clubmember0 nobody will be bothered by it.

It's sad. It is even more sad that this is broadcast on tv, it is condemned and it still can go on.
According to the laws, the father must support the children by paying a certain sum of money each month until they're 18 years old.

Unfortunately, not much is being done about this law.

I could say the same thing about my father. As much as I know, he didn't help my mother after they got divorced. =/ Fortunately, we were never in such a state that we needed that money.

As for that story. I don't know about her, but I know that many families in Israel give birth to 5-8 children without thinking about the financial implications. Then they start complaining and blaming the government for not supporting them.

I'm sorry if it might sound cruel, but if you can't afford to dress your children, feed them and send them to school then don't have any!

As for that woman, I hope she finds a better job or a financially stable husband. She's still young.

We can always blame the government and it would be justified at most times, but we mustn't depend on its aid, at least not with the current government.
Yes, Israelidiary perhaps. But I think a law isn't worth a dime if there is no law enforcement. Once the law has decided for the fathers to pay "or else" - they should put words into action. This way the law can be looked at as ayet nother toy of manipulation.
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