dinsdag, oktober 23, 2007


Cheaky Jews ;-)

According to biblical law, farmers must let the land of Israel "rest and lie fallow" every seventh year, which means no planting crops, no picking fruit and no working vineyards.
n past years, farmers have circumvented the law by symbolically "selling" their land to a non-Jew for the year.

Hahahahaaa.... this is SOOOO fake. Unbelievable.

This year, some Orthodox Jews want that loophole to be closed and are turning to Palestinian farmers for their kosher vegetables—an ironic twist in a region gripped by conflict over land ownership.
A vendor at a Tel Aviv market said a shortage of goods sanctioned as kosher had forced up prices. "(The Orthodox) have the shmita and they buy from the Arabs, that's their religion, and now the prices have gone up dramatically," he said, giving his name only as Sami.
In Hebron, Palestinian merchant Ghaleb Abu Sneineh stood near his fruits and vegetables as Orthodox Jews, members of a local shmita committee which is responsible for implementing the law in their communities, selected their produce.
The Jewish law has affected the Palestinian economy by increasing demand for Palestinian produce and inflating prices.
"Vegetable prices are high ... Especially tomatoes, because the Israelis buy hundreds of tonnes from the Palestinian farmers," Abu Sneineh said.


u never emailed me
Being this angry this long is not good for your heart valves.


Lirun, the person that said that wanted to meet me and take photos of the various peace events just wanted to hear my voice :D
I'm either very 'attractive' or frightening. But he didn't get back to me and so I didn't have a reason to mail you anyway (I told you that in another comment on my blog, but you must have overseen it) :P
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