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"If only he could see my scars"

Although, I'm not a great believer in seeking repentance for sins one single day a year, because I believe this should be part of everyday living, and soon as someone finds out he has hurt someone else or caused any other inconvience one should try to correct it - there is something about Yom Kippur that makes me stand in awe. I can't explain why or what.

Aish pretty much express my feelings concerning what it means to be jewish (the way I see it).

Here are some parts for Yom Kippur:

"If only he could see my scars"

"If only we had the ability to see into other people's background and thus be able to appreciate their position.


Our sages teach us that our oblivion, our unawareness of the full ramifications of every harsh word and action, lasts only until the day of death. Then every soul stands in judgment and is made to witness, nay experience, the unedited video of his or her own life.


That is precisely what hell is: the inner inferno of remorse when we realize the full scope of the injury we have wrought. No external fire can compare in burning intensity to the regret we will each feel when we perceive the suffering we ourselves have caused.

And this is what I don't agree with:

We do not have to wait until the day of death to face and deal with all our harsh words, all our abusive actions. God has given us the gift of Yom Kippur, a day that has the potential to wipe clean our slates.


It is as if God presses the "Delete" button, and all the murky mess on our soul's screen disappears.

Sorry, I don't subscribe to this - I just CANNOT believe people can live ignorantly all year round and in one single day erase their sins.

Source: AISH

You should read it. It's an interesting observation of AISH - notwithstanding my disbelief in the meaning of Yom Kippur as they (and generally jews) explain it, it could be good advise not and never to jump to harsh reactions.... You never know which wounded nerve you hurt.


Prayers for Yom Kippur

Gmar chatimah tova,

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