zaterdag, september 15, 2007



"I know". . .
"Huh". . .
"I've dreamed about it". . .
"Whaat?". . .
"Well, I dreamed. . ." and she started telling me what I wanted to tell her about. . .

In my youth I was half of the time at home and half of the time at 'my second home' - with what I saw (and they me) as my second family. At home with mum and dad I was only child and my parents had me at quite an 'old age' (well, in those days - in these days it is very normal to have children that late) - At my second home I was one of 7 'children'. The one closest to me was a girl my age. We hang out together, got into trouble together, had a whole 'gang' of boys 'protecting' us (brothers and their friends) and most of all: we laughed - ALL THE TIME.

To see something humoristic in almost everything was normal for us. The most embarassing moments were laughed away. Not just regular laughing but we never stopped, we had tears running over our cheeks all the time, we couldn't sometimes get out of it - and kept on laughing.
Many people felt as we were making fools of them, but that just wasn't true. We would laugh about ourselves and our blunders just as hard - if not harder.

Then I came to Israel, and I never, ever laughed that way anymore. As a matter of fact: I've never cried as much in my whole entire life as I've done here in Israel. Just a matter of wrong choices. . . and getting deeper and deeper in it. I'm not regretting it though - but suddenly I'm fed-up with that. As a matter of fact, I'm fed-up with that for a long time already but didn't realize it. Just laugh. I just want to laugh. I want to have fun (again) - and so when I had her on the phone the other night, although the things I had to tell her and she me were serious we were laughing -again- for 90% of the time. It's so wonderful to be able to laugh. It's like you distance yourself from the graveness of things and lift yourself above it all.

Anyway, I want to dedicate this post to my friend/sister(s) - Over the years we haven't been in contact very often, but we always knew when something was happening to the other:

One day I thought: "she pregnant" - I phoned her. .. . "How do you know?? I haven't told anybody yet!" - Then, one night I dreamed that one of her brothers (also a friend of mine) fell into my arms crying his eyes out and I phoned her again: "Your father.... ?" "Yes, he died yesterday", she said....

So that's why when I phoned her to tell about my decision - I actually didn't have to say anything. We know. 3600 kilometers apart, but this is a friend. I'm proud to say: this is MY friend. A friend for life.

A very grateful,

you do know that the Golden Girls is my favourite show right?
Yep :)
come to montreal and we'll sit on the couch and watch GG all night while munching on bamba and bisli. I know a place where we can get all the Osem portfolio of products :-)
I'm looking forward to that already (without even having specific plans yet - just the thought makes me feel good)

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