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Lovebirds and-other-things

We have discovered that the lovebirds my daughter owns are gay. After research I am absolutely convinced by it since they extensively make out every day and they've well reached the age of fertility ------ but no eggs. Nothing wrong with gay birds but if you were waiting for baby lovebirds this is kind of a disappointment.
The little rascals, they had us fooled ;-)

Sunday I had to go to Hadassa Ein Kerem. I hadn't been in Jerusalem for over one-and-a-half year, so it's not like I'm there every week or month even. My luck: as we arrived to enter the city the disabled people had sat themselves down in the middle of the highway and started to demonstrate (probably against the poor allowances Israel is famous for giving its citizens). In any normal town the police would direct the demonstrators to the pavements - but, not in Jerusalem. There they got a very special way of handling this: they simply close the whole town. No traffic in or out of Jerusalem and inside one big, huge, unoverseeable balagan. When I arrived at the Central Station by foot there were no busses anymore around and the Station looked like on Yom Kippur: desolated roads (the mall was doing good business though).
After 6 hours the traffic mess was still there but maybe this time because the Holocaust survivors were planned to demonstrate as well that day. I will attach some photos.

(can you notice I'm a bit fed-up writing about politics?)

Take care whoever may read this,


America gives terrible allowances for the disabled, yet they never think to protest on the highways. I think a lot of people would listen to that kind of effort.
Assistive Technology, a lot of people would have to listen to that kind of protest. There is just no way around it (unless the highways are not central ones and don't stuff up roads of traffic from all around).
Assistive Technology.

Americans would not listen to that. It would ANGER US! If the handicapped want to lose their parking spaces that would be the quickest way to do it. You mess with our commute and that is the quickest way to become enemy #1 higher than even al Quada.

And who says that we give terrible allowances for the disabled. You act like we are in a socialist country. Why do WE OWE them anything?
"Alex said...
Why do WE OWE them anything? "

True, you don't owe them anything.

On a related note, since I have no kids I shouldn't be supposed to pay $450 a year on school taxes. Then again, I don't mind paying because it helps provide the next generation with an education, which leads to a better society overall. If I had to pay an extra tax for the handicapped and Holocaust victims, I would gladly do so as well. Why not help those around us? Consider how much money is wasted on other much less meaningful pursuits.
Yep. I think so as well, Nizo ;-)
argh, everytime I post something it says "page could not be displayed". took me a while to write this... *Sigh*

it looks like the policemen are helping the protest.

I agree with Nizo, but I think that people should do their best to provide for themselves.
Some of us may sometimes need some financial aid, but we mustn't live on someone else's money!

We already pay a lot in taxes in support of those who happen to have a lot of children, those who refuse to work for low salaries, etc.

Socialism in Israel is definitely not the best option.
Aywa, IsraeliDiary, I got problems with google as well - can't even log in normally. Soon as I give my pasword the page will turn to the "time expired' msg and I have to click twice "go back one page" before I'm logged in.

Terribly strange :-(

Do we? IsraelDiary? (pay for those) My impression is that we pay for keeping those 18 families that control Israel rich...
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