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I went to buzzing, fizzing, dynamic, bubbling Tel-Aviv today.....

Last week I had to go there and came back walking a route that simply lifted my spirits in such manner that I thought I had to do it over again one time with camera. But, I know that a second time around is never as good as the first... However,

today was even more cheerful and alive and certainly, although differently, spirit-lifting. I took photos (just a pity that I'm too shy to ask people if I can take a picture of them - cause there were so many nice outfits for Purim walking around, and most of them worn by adults LOL ) and those photos can be seen on my photolink at flickr (link underneath this posting).

One of the bastot at the Carmel sjouk sold cd's and stuff and the sales lady was dancing away behind the counter. Obviously, as a music freak I was most attracted by all the different sounds blaring out of every separate basta -going through arabic, mizrachi, salsa, reggae and sentimental old english songs- but I just had to buy a cd at the dancing lady's basta (also tried to take her picture but she just bent) - so, don't ask me how, I just clicked on everything 'yes' 'yes' 'yes' and I had the songs copied on the computer. Therefore, three songs of this cd I've upped for whoever feels like mizrachi-dance indulgence :)

Btw: did anybody know that in Shinkin there's a basta on the pavewalk that sells designer shirts for dogs? One of them I especially liked: "wanted, bitch for long-term relationship" ;)

Anyway just wanted to post these photos and music to give a SLIGHT impression of Tel-Aviv this morning for people not able to be there.






Very beautiful pics of Tel Aviv. It's really good of you to show the bright side of the city. :)
It was definitely one beautiful sunny day yesterday.

I can see you've seen the lunar eclipse tonight. They say the next one will only be visible in 20 years. But who cares?

You've got very beautiful pics there. I hope you don't mind that I look around a bit. :)

They're all positive. Perhaps they tell something about your character too.
Nice pics,Tse! Thanks!

Btw I just saw the story of the Iranian Muslim flight attendant converting to Jusaism and now living in Israel in the english language Egyptian site 'Middle East Times':

Thank you IsraeliDiary and G. :-)

How r u both on mizrachi music?
hehehehehe not many responses when one posts a 'happy' posting huh?


or is it:

Hey Habooba,

great pics.. and the music is perfect for my workouts.. I'm adding it to the collection :-)
where r u?
אני פה יא חבובה, יאללא מחר נדבר כרגיל

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