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Only this:

I translated a small article that was published in the Ma'ariv printed version newspaper of this weekend and posted it at the MidEast Youth forum. I only link to it, not because I'm too lazy to copy/paste :-) but because MidEastYouth is a nice place which needs all the reference it can get.

Go meet my internet friends there:


Purim Sameach everyone!

Thanks for proving my point that for you, the only "good" Muslim is a dead Muslim, or a Judified "Muslim" or a puppet "Muslim".
AlGhaliboon :( Don't be so mean to me :(

"For me"???

This is what this man wanted !!

Where do I come into the picture?
Djeez, how harsh can one be?

Anyhow, remarkable story.
Your translation is very good, so dont worry.
Speaking about translations...

UHm a weird question but I'll risk it. Do you know any good books to study Modern Hebrew from Dutch?
At the moment I'm using Melet and Habajit Sjelanoe of Arjeh Gebhard.
But they're quite outdated (well, they're kind of falling apart)

I was just wondering....
And of course, hi-jacking planes for that reason is very much commendable, applaudable, etc etc but not for securing the release of thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners in torture-concentration camps. That's "terrorism".
Bo18, I have no idea LOL - I'm sorry.. Too long away from there, I am. You speak Hebrew as well?

AlGhaliboon, no - in case you missed it - he got a prison sentence for kidnapping the plane, sweetie :)
Yes yes, of course he did.
But then again, you speak of him with so much regard. I wonder if you do the same for a Palestinian hijacker?
I wonder if a plane hijacked for the release of Palestinian prisoners in torture-concentration camps would have received such royal treatment as he did?
I wonder if he received some infinite prison sentence for posing a 'security risk' (like throwing a stone at your holy warriors who must not be touched let alone 'kidnapped', etc., but our 15-year-old kids are kidnapped for sport).
But of course, when it comes to anyone that makes "Israel" look good and/or us Arabs and Muslims look bad, it's "justice", or must be viewed with fascination etc. But anything that portrays "Israel" in bad light, or exposes "Israel's" terrorism is, well, "terrorism" in itself.
Yes of course, I can see where you are going with this 'story' of yours!
I can see where you are going with this 'story' of yours!

Where? *_*

Torture concentration camps? You really just want to hear what you want to hear right AlGhaliboon?
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