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Lebanese anti-semitism...

This morning I wanted to post about my outrage at the fact that -although Lebanon is 'the enemy' it is showing on tv silly, unworthy sicko's like Lebanese poet Marwan Chamoun who's seriously spreading anti-semitism - gush, can't he just demonize the actual facts?

The traditional anti-Semitic blood libel in which Jews are accused of murder and using blood for religious purposes has once again found expression in the Arab world, this time in a TV broadcast in Israel's northern neighbor, Lebanon.

In a video clip translated by MEMRI, the Middle East translation institute, Lebanese poet Marwan Chamoun says: "How many of us Lebanese, or even Arabs, know anything about the Talmud? Or about the book, Exposing the Talmud? Or about the book, Pawns on the Chessboard?"

"When somebody gets married, instead of chocolates, I give him one of these books. Whoever reads this for the first time feels a chill of horror and disbelief. He cannot believe it."

But then - now - I quite understand that poor creature. After all who can blame a person for being terrified of us, of me: with my horns and reptile-tail?

Blow him and blow everybody that willfully WOULD love to believe these devillish demonizations.

I rather look at normal people.....



Yes Tsedek,I'm too outraged and find Lebanon’s TeleLiban TV airing this Lebanese poet Marwan Chamoun's blood libel on January 30,2007 digraceful!! Maybe EU should consider considering Tele Liban as it does al Manar(broadcasting regulators in the European Union banned satellite broadcasts in Europe of Al-Manar because of al Manar's inciting hatred or promoting racism and xenophobia).

One hopes for sure that ALL our Arab friends will condemn this Marwan Chamoun in the strongest terms

Surely he is not part of the Camille Nimr Chamoun clan headed by Dory Chamoun ?

Btw for our Arab friends the facts of what happened in Damascus in 1840 can be found on the following link:
I copy pasted your link but got an error message.

I'm shocked at the video. I also think that only the uneducated and easily manipulated among the Arabs will fall for such propaganda. A significant proportion of Arabs have become very cynical of such drivel.

It's sad to see that our bigots can't even be original in their bigotry, relying instead on centuries old European fiction such as the Protocols of Zion.

Nevertheless, I have 2 marriages coming up this summer, I guess I should place my order.
Tele Liban is run by the government, and the Siniora government is supported by "israel" and USA.

Such irony is not wasted on anyone.

Throughout the July war, Tele Liban did not show much - if anything at all, whereas other (privately-owned) channels (with the exception of Hariri-owned Future TV) were covering round-the-clock.

The Minister of Information is Ghazi Aridi. If you have any complaints, do contact him.

We are not anti-Semitic, so quit using this as an example of "Lebanese anti-Semitism" just because we will never make peace with the terrorist entity called "israel".
There is no "we" AlGhaliboon as long as you keep calling Isaeli's 'your people' and generalizing them -

if one sect/portion outta the lebanese people is contributing to this madness called anti-semitism, then it's 'your people'

just see how it feels....
It should be noted that a couple of years ago there was an initiative to hold a holocaust denial conference (similar to what happened in Iran) in Beirut, but the Lebanese didn't let it.
Well, Al Manar broadcasted a syrian series based on the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion', so clearly this sort of lunacy is not confined to either side of the anti/pro government divide. Apparently most Lebanese don't take it too seriously, although it is interesting to note that both instances have Syrian origins.
Well, I've heard that Tele-Liban actually is run by Pres. Lahoud's 'supporters' - that would explain the Syrian 'origins'....

Also I heard that not many people watch it at all...
I've heard that Tele-Liban actually is run by Pres. Lahoud's 'supporters' - that would explain the Syrian 'origins'....
Tele Liban is the official government channel; it is therefore run by the government, under the auspices of the ministry of information. The minister of information is Ghazi Aridi (Druze chieftain Walid Jumblatt's loyal servant).
Then you're right, AlGhaliboon. However, when I conveyed this to the Lebanese person who initially advised me about the Lahoud 'connection' his response was:

the ministries also have General Directors who govern the ministries more than the ministers themselves.
not to mention the other employees on the lower levels of the pyramids... who scourge the ministries !

I wish he would react here himself because being in the 'middle' about something I don't really know the exact details of looks rather dumb....

I know he's very busy, but I value his opinion a lot, so....
g. are you lebanese?
Oh I'm maybe a bit too late to comment, so forgive me :)

Well, just be happy that TeleLiban is regarded as a somewhat outdated, backward tv-channel with very low ratings ( I thought they had the lowest in Lebanon)

By the way, what your lebanese friend said was correct.
This station is so-called controlled by the govern,ment, but the government in this case is President Lahoud.
Thats why the normal government (aka Hariri & Co.) depend so much on FutureTV
Oh oops I wasn't done yet.

Whats also surprising is the fact that this guy is christian. I've never ever heard anti-semitic remarks from christians when I was in Lebanon.

So this kind of surprises me. But I'm maybe wrong and maybe this guy is muslim. But his name sounds christian.
bo18, he's a poet for crying out loud :(

muslim, christian, jew.... aren't poets supposed to be poetic?

dwell on the emotional sides of life instead of hardcore demonization (of whoever)

thanks for your comment, I appreciate it ;)
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