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Bettah late than nevah

Although at the house religious judaism is being presented to me with principles that make me feel disgust and aversion for it, I'm still totally convinced that that interpretation of it is totally off. I have no idea where the inspiration for this fanatic, blinded, extreme shortsighted agression comes from, no idea where this is being indoctrinated - or indoctrinated is maybe not the right word - if you're not prone to it, you will not let it influence you? However, luckily there are more than enough jewish religious sources available to contradict the things people at my house are believing in and think it is judaism.

The first arab minister was appointed in Israel last week. Finally. Better late than never. The arab knesseth members were obviously (hahaha, such surprise) against
Raleb Majadele's 'taking part in a *zionist* government' (blablabla) - those same self-centered arab knesseth members do nothing komma nothing for the arab israeli's and are busy all the time polishing their ego's abroad in the arab countries. Also his appointment was opposed by the israeli 'right' and 'left' - you can read all about that in the link provided hereunder - however this opposition (except for lieberman's of course) was not directly related to the appointment but rather to political games between right and left having nothing to do with Raleb Majadele in fact.

Rabbi Naftali Rothenberg wrote about this at ynet and again I was confirmed in my interpretation of judaism because of his approach:

The state, which was established to correct a historic injustice suffered by a people banished from its country and by persecuted people lacking rights in the Diaspora, was more than 50 years late in applying its moral argument to its own minorities, by allowing them to exercise their full rights and join the establishment as equals.
Anyway, good luck to Raleb who is still a minister without portfolio but that may change soon (with all the investigations against knesseth members and ministers - today Haim Ramon's verdict for example).

The link to the article and Van Leer's Institute (Rabbi Rothenberg staff member)




Yup... it's good for Israel and hopefully there will be a place in Cabinet one day for Labours Nadia Hilu

And with the Druze holding some top ranks in IDF (Division 80, headed by Brig.-Gen. Imad Faris)and commanding Mishmar Hagvul ,so they also deserve a post in Cabinet like the one given of Salah Tarif a few yrs ago.
The only "Arabs" (what are you afraid of, they are PALESTINIANS, call a spade a spade) you like are the ones you can control and manipulate.
You gotta be joking - if you mean I want to control people that aim for my destruction (like yourself) than, you're right. Everyone else that wants to live together on equal basis: ahlan wa-sahlan!
I posted a comment on Lirun's site recently where I said that the Palestinians need to gain the trust of the Israelis and vice versa. Here's an opportunity for us to prove we can be trusted. Let's hope Mr. Majadeleh won't be polishing his ego (as you say) in Damascus, at the expense of the citizens he represents back home. I'm glad Lieberman and his gang weren't able to torpedo the appointment.
i agree with nizo - this is an opportunity with little threat..

lets hope something good comes of it.. so much to gain.. so little to lose..
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