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See, Mr. AlGhaliboon?


Jews hold Hanukkah ceremony in front of Iranian embassy
A short while after the start of the ceremony, dozens of Hizbullah supporters tried to disrupt it, protesting against Israel with the aid of a loudspeaker

Always attacking....

What is your point?

"Israel's" supporters disrupted anti-war protests this summer, where were you then? Another cheap attempt at demonizing us. Although all I see in that tiny picture is an Iranian flag, a Neturei Karta sign, and one picture of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. I guess that means that all are "Hezbullah supporters".
OK. You're right, my apologies. I better check more thoroughly next time before I write something :(

The Board of Deputies of British Jews website writes as follows:

~~~There was a small counter-protest of the Islamic Human Rights Commission that was joined by around six representatives of the Neturei Karta, the ultra-religious fringe group, who waved Hizbollah flags and called for the dismantling of the State of Israel.~~~


I don't want to demonize 'you' - I try to provoke you into talking to me...
Glad you admitted the mistake.

I am talking; what is it you want to talk about?
I'd like to talk about human relations.

I'd like to reach out to the person (I've heard you are not "Mr.", haha) behind the organization, the generalization and it's concepts.

Is there no such thing as day-to-day-life for you? In which you don't see a human being without a sticker on its head?

If I'd stop you in the street today and asked you to help me with something (read a map orwhatever, not important) while you know I'm Israeli wouldn't you help me?
If we'd both sit in a restaurant, would it not be possible that out of all people we, an Israeli and a Hizbi, could suddenly perk up our heads and enjoy from the same music?
If you'd be here now and we'd work together, wouldn't you feel good or bad if something good or bad happened to me, solely because I'm Israeli?

I'd like to explore this further because I want to get to the human being in you, not the walking propaganda machine that dives personal (mind: not private!) questions - as if without this 'protection' a pain would be exposed too much for you to handle..... as if without this hatred you feel towards 'an' Israeli you are afraid of discovering that she's nothing more or less than you are: just human....

Will you speak to me, AlGhaliboon?
You don't know anything about me, so I suggest that you don't jump to conclusions based on hearsay.

I don't have a problem with you as an individual, but with your values, and with the values of your people and governments.

There is no such thing as hatred of the individual in my dictionary, nor in the dictionary of any true Muslim. We despise injustice and fight it, and will fight it to death, and if we die fighting injustice and for God, we will not DIE. There is a verse in the Qur'an about this, Sura Al-Imran, Aya 169:

ولا تحسبنَّ الذين قُتِلوا في سبيل اللّه أمواتاً بل أحياءٌ عند ربِّهم يرزقون

What do you know about pain, to understand what we feel like?? I don't blame you, you have lived a life of luxury and safety, your cities have not been bombed by F-16s, your apartment building has not been leveled, your worries are trivial compared to ours, you complain about your 3 soldiers, we have had at one point or another thousands of prisoners held by you, tortured and killed. So what do you know about pain? Have you had the body of your loved one torn to pieces? Have you returned 'home' one day and couldn't find the apartment building that you have lived in since your birth? Did we bomb your cities to get our prisoners back, or did we capture your soldiers to do it? And what did you do to get your soldiers back? And how can you place us on the same level having this in mind??

So, what do you know about pain?

Feel free to e-mail me at muqawamaislamiyya@yahoo.com if you want to continue this conversation.
Thank you for your response, AlGhaliboon. I've sent you an email...
Hi tsedek, Palestinian in Montreal here looking forward to your next blog entry.
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