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'Hizbullah youths' train in terrorism'
Thousands of children, teens prepare for apocalyptic battle against 'evil'
[. . . ]
"Hizbullah wants to create a new generation of operatives for its own ranks who will take part in its violent campaign against Israel," the report states.
[. . . ]
Hizbullah's Mahdi Scouts was established by the terror group in 1982 and operates under the jurisdiction of the Lebanese Ministry of Education. According to the Center for Special Studies, the Scouts have about 42,000 Lebanese males and females between the ages of 8-16 organized into 499 groups.

Whahaah?? How can one complain about separation by one group of the population if this gets governmental approval? Read this whole article, and please, anybody, tell me how this can be rhymed into ONE country, ONE people, ONE army?

I'm shocked...

I also have a question for anyone kind enough to explain this to me please:

Do Sunni muslims also believe in the Imam Mahdi resurrection, as the Shia's do? And, the conditions (unrest in the world) to make this gonna happen? Or is this typically a Shia version of the Islam?


Tse, just browsed here through Osaid's site and surprise, the days are in Dutch? Goeden middag!
Anyway, I forgot what I was going to comment on and if I click back I'll lose what I've already written! But..I'll be back. I'm alone at home taking the time to surf my regular sites and check out 'new' ones. "new" because I have seen you commenting before but for the life of me, cannot remember where (as in, somewhere else beside Osaid's site that is),
I'll be back! Groetjes,
Hahaha Ingrid I'm all over the net :)

Dank je voor dropping by !

Ja, in het NL's want ik ben originally uit Nederland -

Keep safe,
Sunni muslims don't believe in the Mahdi's return (it is not a resurrection, for he has disappeared and his corpse was never found). Most shia muslims believe in that return the way christians believe in Jesus' come-back: some kind of improbable future event with little impact on their daily lives.
OK, thank you Anonymous, I appreciate it.

Anonymous, who's Lebanese, says: you're welcome.
Regarding the Hizb scouts issue, remember that in 1982 Lebanon was in the middle of a war that was to last a few more years. By the time the war ended, Lebanese governement was more or less held hostage by Syria: while this last statement might be arguable to some, it was definitely very difficult for any Minister to go bluntly against the Hizb, because of Syria's protection.
And while some groups were easily formed and licensed, some other (e.g. several charitable associations) waited forever. The law regulating association creation was only modified in spring 2005.
The debate of whether the country is one is vast: yet, it certainly is one people, and no matter how much internal opinions are different, common grounds have to (and hopefully will be) found.
'ONE country, ONE people, ONE army?'

We'll get there, patience :D
Trust me, I am more anxious to see that than you are lol.
Lebanese Anonymous & AM,


I understand: patience. Chance. Etc. Hopefully all will turn out OK. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Anonoymous, I disagree with you and I have no idea where you got that piece of info...

Sunnis believe in the return of the Mahdi. It's just that the conditions and way of return are different from Shia belief...

Tse, ya i know ja, in het NL's want ik ben originally uit Nederland

Goeden middag and I have no idea what the hell am saying. LOL =)
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Drima LOL
You were saying you're originally from Holland and "good afternoon", hahahaha....

Thank you both for explaining about the Mahdi.

I'm gonna look at the links Lebanese Anonymous. I was asking because I had heard so many differing explanations about it. But they all came from sunnie muslims....

Take care,
Sunni muslims don't believe in the Mahdi's return, only Shia they believe it!!

from Saudi Arabia

Good luck in your readings. I checked with my Sunni friends today but I honestly couldn't understand whether it is a yes or a no. Should I be in the presence of others who are more knowledgeable, will let you know.

Moral: Never rely on your friends, they're more ... than you are lol.

And the missing word would be 'ignorant' lol, gotcha :P
Thank you both, Sarah & AM :)

I'm puzzled and confused now hahahaa....

Hi tse, the answer is no, Sunna are not waiting for the Mahdi. However they recognize that Shiaa do. There is nothing in the Qoran or hadith (the prophet’s sayings) that talks about the Mahdi. We do not study about him in Sunni schools (I didn’t). However, since we live with Shiaa around us, and since we are both Muslims we tend to take their words for granted. I personally believe that this is a myth…

Remember I told you I checked with some of my friends at lunch time about your query? Well may be you should know that achinar is one of them haha.
LOL - AM :)

Thanks Achinar. That was a firm and clear answer. I appreciate it!

I'm shocked...

I also have a question for anyone kind enough to explain this to me please:

Do Sunni muslims also believe in the Imam Mahdi resurrection, as the Shia's do?


No. They don't.

But if you are asking in the context of training people for battles against 'evil', you shouldn't worry.

I bet my house that Sunnies got loads of very interesting theories of their own.
Hallo lieve schat, ben je er nog?? Just checking in for some 'news'.. "testing testing"..anybody there? :)
sunni muslims do believe that al mahdi will come, but he is not born yet, the shia believe he is born and between us, he's just hidden, but they both agree that he will be from the prophets family line.
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