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Day of Atonement

Yom Kipur - Day of Atonement...

Tonight at sunset starts the most holy and solemn day in Jewish religion - Yom Kipur, the day jews show repentance and reconciliation. Everything will close in the country except for emergency services and the roads will be empty from traffic. Children will bring out their bycicles and ride the roads freely - except for one or other ambulance on an emergency pick-up assignment. (which is very dangerous btw... every year children get hurt by unexpected vehicles). Hundreds and hundreds of children riding their bycicles taking over the highways. So sweet :)

The whole of the country will breath an atmosphere that you won't find here any other day of the year. Very special - very impressive - very, very quite (and that's the oxymoron in Israel, at least where I live - in a city's center). Synagogues will be filled with praying people - on seats reserved weeks in advance at a handsome price. They'll be praying the "shlichot" (forgiveness prayers) and start with "Kol Nidrei" (Armaic for All Vows).... And of course: they'll fast.

For me, fasting represents the "main theme" of this day since I think it's terribly difficult to fast for 25 hours - which of course means no drinking as well.. and even before I understood the meaning of Yom Kipur had to undergo the horrids of fasting which keeps my mind concentrated on only fluids, LOL.

This long introduction because today I read an interesting article in Yedioth Ahronot.

Dvar Torah
Torah Portion: Ha'azinu (listen)
On Shabbat Shuva, with Yom Kippur approaching, it is fitting that we focus upon this thought: Human life is a supreme value...

See? That's what I like about Judaism: its focus on the respect human live deserves, no matter how one wish to reach this conclusion, either because it is written in the Torah and you dully follow the rules therein or because you take a directive out of it like this and contribute it to God's wishes - to respect the creatures He created because by respecting those creatures (humans) you are paying the highest form of respect to God (the latter is my personal interpretation).

Although there are no unequivocal answers to all the questions that we face, there can be no doubt that the sanctity of life is a supreme value. The classical source for this is the Mishna Sanhedrin (4:5)

Therefore man was created singly, to teach you that whoever destroys a single soul of Israel, Scripture accounts it as if he had destroyed a whole world; and whoever saves one soul of Israel, Scripture accounts it as if he had saved a whole world.

Of course, the words “of Israel” do not appear in the manuscripts (after all, Adam was not “of Israel”), inasmuch as this mishna conveys a universal message

The life of any person is equivalent to a “whole world.”
And then:

Even when lives are unavoidably lost in war, we must guard against the complacency . . .

This got me thinking about the "defense" of Israel lately and more specifically the last Lebanon war. So many civilians were killed - and although I'm not an army person so I wouldn't know whether that could have been prevented -

It got me thinking about the "collective punishments" against the Palestinians - "each live is equivalent to a whole world" - is the opposite of collective punishment -

It seems both are contradictionary to regarding saving one live as saving the whole world...

I think "Israel" needs to stand still for one moment this Yom Kipur and reflect. Maybe go back to these roots. Since I got the feeling that human life is not taken within the guidelines of the teachings of the Torah, the roots of Judaism (and, in my eyes, Israel's right of existence) - which I do so admire and feel "one" with.

"Enemies want to destroy us" - It's a valid conclusion. I know, I see... But... if and whenever possible "enemies" should be separated in Israel's reactions to prevent their awful mission from the rest. One live is equivalent to a whole world, and if that thought would be used in Israel's defense I think, personally, that Israel would stand a better chance, public opinion-wise but far more importantly: moral-wise - to overcome the hate its existence seems to have created....

For further reading on Yom Kipur and the Torah portion I am talking about above:,7340,L-3309206,00.html

Gmar Chatima Tova

Very nice words Tse.
Gmar Chatima Tova.
i agree with you 100% - i dont know what the other costs may entail.. how our security would look or if we are able to assume 100% of the responsibility for hatred against us or assume that it would change if we were any nicer..

at the same time i believe that the changes in our region do hold promise for such affects now and in the immediate future..

i also agree that this yom kippur is a special one.. not only does it coincide with ramadan but it comes after a war that made many of us question many axioms that we would never have before..

may our souls and minds emerge refreshed and clearer so that peace may have some room to be planted and grow in these tired lands..

גמר חתימה טובה
i saw photos at flickr of tel-aviv during Yom kippur and it was really tranquil and the atmosphere amazing.
thanks for the links
It is a day of personal reflection but it is nice to see that more people had those thought of collective reflection.

This sanctity of life is ingrained in Israeli society. These dark times prevent us from seeing that clearly.
We know it, we believe in this sanctity.. but our actions dont always relect that.
Why is that? .. We have a part in it. We need to correct many miss-doings we have done.
Have no mistake, we have the full and justified right to be in Israel as a country and as a nation!
We do not owe an apology to the palestinians for our mistakes; but we should not expect an apology from them, when this conflict will end.
And it will end. And it will end peacefully. And then, we will be able to combine the ideals such as sactity with ordinary and real life.

גמר חתימה טובה
Atonement day is over, Tse. You can start posting. Blogging is not considered very sinful in Judaism.
Interesting, talking about Yom Kipur and atonement.

How do you atone for stealing photos and putting them on blogs?

Interesting, talking about Yom Kipur and atonement.

How do you atone for stealing photos and putting them on blogs?

Interesting, talking about Yom Kipur and atonement.

How do you atone for stealing photos and putting them on blogs?
Hahahaa.. I will Nobody :) I'm temporarily missing the "umphf" but I'll be back soon.

"your conscience" stop with that bullshit - just ask me to take a picture away which I found on the internet and that's it. You should be proud that people use your pictures, but since you're not: i've taken it away. For me it's no big deal at all.

Tse, I DID ask you to take it down.

Oh, so you "found" the photo on a site that licenses photos. Hmmm, maybe you should try and "find" some really neat stuff in some stores and see what they have to say about stealing their stuff. Try telling a store owner that they should be proud that you are wearing their stolen clothes.

Yom Kipur JUST passed!

What about all the other images on your blog that you just "found" on the internet?

I found that picture on the internet. Licensed or not, is not my problem cause i don't understand in those things. Try to secure pictures on internet that are not meant for people to use them and claim them private possession.

Now: go bother someone else! I'm not interested in your pictures.
"I think Israel needs to stand still for one moment this Yom Kipur and reflect."

Well, I think Tse needs to stand still this Yom Kipur and reflect.

That guy who's picture you lifted was right. It is wrong to use copyrighted material without permission.

I need a new car. Do you think Tse can "find" one for me? Could you "find" one in red, perhaps a convertible? I'd like it to have a CD player. If you find one with a tape-deck maybe one of our friends could "find" a CD player in another car and install it in my new car?

Just because you can view material on the web does not mean you are free to use it as you please.

You made a mistake, perhaps you did not know the law. But to respond as you did and then say that it was Bullshit?

You write so eloquently yet another side came out in your response today. You lack the "umphf" to right a wrong? Your response is hahaha?

I though you were a serious writer with intelligent ideas.

It sounds like this is a high school blog.
So don't read it. What's the prob?
OK. The last thing I'm gonna write about this:

"Hahaha" and "missing umpfh" was in response to Nobody's comment right above yours: "blogging is not very sinful in Judaism" and why I'm not blogging of lately - Both you anonymous should take a course in comprehensible reading!

2. I was not asked to take that picture away but received a email complaining about using a picture. My advise: if you want somebody to correct whatever wrong is done - try it the polite way instead of the complaining way as if someone had murdered somebody.

3. You google. You see pictures. You use. That's my way of chosing pictures. When i have photo's that i don't want others to see or use i use the "xxx-whatever:friends/family only" option.

Now this was it. I'm in no way impressed by unpolite people and their pompous comparisons with cars etc. when talking about pictures on the internet. You can talk yourself into a guilt feeling cause I completely lack understanding for such rubbish.

Next time, if I've placed a picture (which I rarely do if you notice) that one doesn't want me to use, then simply POLITELY request me to remove it. You'll be surprised how simple straightforward politeness will get you anywhere.

Amazing how "Tzedek" removed all those comments from the blog.

All those comments that pointed out what happened (my side of the story) just vanished.
Just stop insulting & be polite, and I won't remove them.
Interesting. I have been following this thread and am very surprised.

The comment that keeps on "disappearing" is the one that says that she WAS asked politely to pay for using the photo.

Why is she removing that comment? Why doesn't she want people to know that she WAS asked politely?

Watch how fast this comment gets deleted.
Politely asked to pay?? For what? For placing a picture I took from google? To be asked to pay for that without first asking to remove it is not polite but plain fraude trying to hustle money outta unsuspecting people. I bet this picturemaker is wandering the whole of the internet trying to earn money this way because most probably sales in the decent manner are not successful.

So, once again: the only polite way to "secure" people don't use the pictures you put on the net is to protect them with some kind of system that doesn't allow linking. The other way is POLITELY asking people who innocently use pictures they see on google (and there are MILLIONS of them) that you have put up there to remove them.

End of discussion.
The matter is simple.

Tse, read the terms of use you were required to agree to follow when you started your little blog.

Member agrees not to transmit through the Service any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, or harmful material of any kind or nature. Member further agrees not to transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems are prohibited.

7. PROPRIETARY RIGHTS TO CONTENT Member acknowledges that content, including but not limited to text, software, music, sound, photographs, video, graphics or other material contained in either sponsor advertisements or email-distributed, commercially produced information presented to Member by the Service ("Content") by Pyra or Pyra's Advertisers, is PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHTS, TRADEMARKS, SERVICE MARKS, PATENTS or other PROPRIETARY RIGHTS AND LAWS; therefore, Member is only permitted to use this Content as expressly authorized by the Service or the Advertiser. Member may not copy, reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works from this Content without expressly being authorized to do so by the Service or the Advertiser.

Pyra may, at its sole discretion, immediately terminate Service should Member's conduct fail to conform with these terms and conditions of the BTS.

Tse, you should just apologize and cut your losses now. Why face having a complaint lodged with and risk having your blog shut down or a lawsuit.

You were wrong and instead of aplogizing, you went on to say some unpleasant things instead, then didn't allow any dissent by deleting a bunch of posts.
Google spiders all kinds of sites. Try "finding" an article from the New York Times and see how fast you may be asked for a licencing fee.

Your argument does not hold water.

You can walk in to a grocery store and start eating and say I saw it on Google. Oh my, asking me to pay? And the clerk that caught me with the apple in my mouth was so rude. He should have asked me to put it back.

To argue that a company should block the ability to link is a terrible argument. Should the grocery store assume that everyone is going to steal apples and lock them all up behind glass doors so nobody can "find" them and steal them?

Maybe we should approach the situation and assume most people are honest and will not steal things, even if they "find" them. I would prefer to go through life hoping that most people are honest and don't steal things that are not theirs.

You should have the decency to say you made a mistake, you did not know the law. Instead your response was blaming the victim!
If my conduct warrants the closing of my blog then by all means go ahead for I wouldn't wanna be part of such treacherous system if that would be the way they would choose. MILLIONS of people are placing pictures from google not only on their blogs but on their forums as well as any other place they seem fit. Again, AGAIN *sigh* - if there is a problem with that, one should just ask POLITELY to either remove the picture or pay for it if proven belonging to certain protectionary rights.

I just don't understand :s: - what's so special about that picture? I didn't think it nicer than tens of other pictures I saw when googling and it was just by chance I picked that one...

Happy hunting.
You were asked "politely" but *sigh* you did not bother responding.

You went so far as to even delete the comments reminding you that you were asked "politely".

Why did you delete those posts?

Why are you blaming the victim?
You are turning things around - and that makes that from now on I'll delete every other comment you make.

I (!!) am the victim from impertinent fraudulous prowling in attempts to collect monies.

Now: do whatever you want to do - but leave this blog. And, if no: I'll delete. That's all, as I said: discussion is OVER.
This is getting a bit bizarre.

Tse, it appears that you violated copyright law as well as the terms of use. You might not like those laws but they are valid and binding.

Your response should have been to apologize and or to pay the money you owe.

Instead you are trying to defend your moral right to break the law and TOU?

You make two arguments.
1, others do it, that makes it OK.

2, you didn't like the tone of the request to remove the photos.

Just because others might be ripping people off does not give you the right to do the same.

An argument that the owner of the photos should make it impossible to steal is not an argument. It incorrectly shifts responsibility to the victim and absolves you of any responsibility. Life is not like that. You broke it, you pay for it. The response should not be to blame the vistim.

Your other argument that you did not like the tone has not been answered. Post after post went up that said he asked you politely and your response was to remove the comments.

I am begining to agree with the previous posts that the writer of this blog is likely a teenager.
Pearls of Peace said...

This is getting a bit bizarre....

I am begining to agree with the previous posts that the writer of this blog is likely a teenager.


Yep. Also calling yourself all sorts of names from 'friend of tse' to 'pearls of peace' makes one think that you yourself suffer from split personality disorder. Whom do you think you are playing this tricks on, you idiot?

ha ha ha
Oh, great, words of wisdom from the absolutely brilliant Nobody.

"Blogging is not considered very sinful in Judaism."

Stealing is a big sin in Judaism last time I checked the 10 commandments.

Nobody is a nobody. Crawl back under your rock.

It appears that Nobody and Tse use the same: hahaha
Coincidence? I think not! I suspect they are one and the same.

How sad.
Nobody, thanks :)

Let him. After he has finished I delete all his comments :)
...and so much for "Tzedek"
What a sad place this blog is.
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