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Father of Or Shahar, killed in Lebanon day before his 21st birthday, eulogizes his son during memorial ceremony.

"Are you aware of our terrible feeling of guilt as parents who did not succeed in properly safeguarding the one-time gift of life we gave out sweet child from the hands of an arrogant and blocked clumsy authority? The heart explodes!"
Is the government there for us, or are we here for the government?

My heart cries reading the above... those poor parents... the lost of life of the thing most precious to them while feeling it was for nothing, for a bunch of presumptious stupid idiots who think about prestige first and human lifes afterwards.

The heart of that father explodes, my tears just exploded reading about his pain, seeing the photo of his son (in above link), such a handsome, enjoying life looking boy.... whose life was erased, taken away by the decision of a snob who can keep on sleeping at night in his multi-million dollar home in Jerusalem.... while for these parents- as many, many others- life won't ever be the same anymore and will carry a huge hole in their heart...

How can Olmert still sleep at night?


I wasnt sure if responding would be appropriate..
very personal and emotional post and I experience such pain also.

What you say about Olmert or the government I dont agree with. Not about being heartless or thinking about prestige.
Not that.
They might have a different view, which you strongly disagree with and I would give you any benefit of doubt or any lack of faith in them to declare them as fools, stupid, idiots or any other pejorative word you choose.
But not prestige motivated them. And they are not heartless.
I understand the pain that you're feeling but directing it to anger is is an emotional reaction.

Again, I'm sorry if it's hard to read my comment. It comes from the heart and with understanding.
:( Just like all politicians around the world can sleep ... starting with ours :(

For what it's worth, your guys are really handsome :) Something that I noticed lately.
When somebody die, are we crying because of him or ourselves?
The big question were are they now (the dead), and how it look like for them, do this question bother you like me or not?. How we can find the truth?.
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