zaterdag, juli 29, 2006


Perpetual Refugee

The Perpetual Refugee was my first virtual encounter with "a Lebanese" (how exotic that sounds, hahaha) - that aroused that special core of feelings that catches someone in a different way - that makes you pay attention.

His tender, super-sensitive words telling about his feelings "about the other side" - which I sensed to be highly traumic, and trying to come to terms with ghosts of the past: Israel & Israeli's, while he had been thrown straight into the lion's den (Israel - and the Israeli's) - first raised my attention to "the benadam" - behind the Lebanese, the people that got the worst part of someone elses war and that was including Israel, who was drawn into it by the PLO at that time - with the consequences we all know.

It forced me to look behind the smokescreens of the "image". I mean, really - how many times does an average Israeli woman living in a regular Israeli town get to hear about that? Hmm?

Therefore it hurts me to see that this blogger seems, although understandably, to have turned off the two-way road by closing his comments-section. Since I don't know how to reach him else, and because I'm rather a nudnik :) I address him here, on my blog... Maybe he'll read it, sometime...

Above url links directly to the story of an old man who lost his dignity because he had to leave his home. The home he had spent his whole life in together with his belated wife, as everyone can read if you link through... Instantly(!) I remembered Sabba XXX (forgot his name) - who was filmed during the Gaza disengagement. Sabba sat on the couch of his soon-not-to-be home anymore between his very sad familymembers, while soldiers were all around moving things out and told the camera with a happy face:

"What are four walls? I've been taken out of my home in Warsaw before the holocaust started in which most of my family perished, I arrived to -he named a town here that was later captured by Jordan in 1948, but I forgot the name- and was taken out of my home again. In the meanwhile I started a family, have children and grandchildren and arrived to live here (Gaza), where I am -for the third time- being taken out of my home. But look: (pointing at his family-members around him) what are four walls compared to this?


It's strange how stories of completely different people in completely different situations in different countries can make you remember stories you saw on tv for 3 minutes orso more than a year ago and never thought about again.... Go figure: the human mind :)

Come back to the dialogue road, Refugee...

"Peace" in Japanese characters

( = Peace in Japanese - maybe it'll have more effect if we use a "neutral" language we can't understand, LOL)


You win...
Hello Tsedek...
Nice posts..

I'm glad, Refugee :)
What does "Chamsa" mean Tsedek ?

what is your favorite color of....mine is pink!

By the way, I love that too!  Where did you get that at?  

Bye, - MyGirl! 

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Hi there 

what is your favorite thing that oprah said about hawaii?

By the way, I love that too!  Where did you get that at?  

See you soon! Girly Girl 

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