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On the way of reaching an opinion.....

I think Israel made a mistake by attacking Lebanon. I'm getting more and more convinced that the Lebanese could have taken better care of the hizb themselves in their own way. It goes without saying that I wish the hizb to be wiped from the face of the earth (unless they change their ideology of wishing to destroy my existence, which is hardly likely) but I think while (coldbloodedly) analyzing the situation - the most effective way to get the best results (because wiping them from the face of the earth even the IDF admits is impossible) would have been -probably indirectly through the US, for Israel is formally still at war with Lebanon since the '80's orso even before this latest shit began- to back up Lebanese government and make it stronger, overflood them with hi-tech weapons.

That's the result of reading through Lebanese and Israeli blogs and following the news for 12 consecutive days in which I took no stance because I just couldn't make up my mind being smashed from one side of the spectrum to the other following my frustrated emotions.

This article is a confirmation to that theory, but more interesting are the talkbacks underneath that article in which you can weight the opposite theories against each-other and construct a more clear analysis within your head.


Once again I'd like to repeat that there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the hizb is the only one guilty of this whole war, but I'm just convinced that the people dying now from Israeli bombs would have been exactly those people that could have turned against that evil which calles itself hizballah (the chutzpah: party of God with a deathwish for His Creatures).

I see how easy it is to get radically one-sided from my own experience of, for example, participating on Dutch forums where Israel is verbally attacked and made out to be a devil (the only devil and everyone else of this region, even terroristorganizations they can "understand") and I stand up against these accusations which I know are not true. Fellow-Israeli's are no devils, they are nice people (well, once you know how to read them, for they are terribly blunt - BUT, at least no hypocrites like so many westerners with their nice manners hiding their true feelings)
... Those foreigners on those forums just don't know. They take everything out of their element and put it into a context that suits their own (mostly hateful although they play the "peaceful" trick-method) feelings. And with that they judge us. That's so unfair in my eyes that I become less and less objective and stand by the Israeli's on each front, every front - protecting and defending the society I've come to know here.

If discussions on Dutch forums have such effect of radicalization on me, I just can't imagine what bombing my city would do..... And for what? Reaching the same objective that could be reached in a peaceful way?

Yesterday I saw on tv a father in the Dahiya area coming back to look at the rubbles of his home - he was accompanied by his 3 young children of which the eldest is 6 years of age. He said he taught his children to the destruction of Israel-ideology (so his hate stems from before this war) because Israel was built on "muslim-land"... He told the camera with a big grin on his face that he would be proud to send his children as Zelzal's loaded with explosives towards Israeli cities and bomb them, each of his children, no matter their young age.

I hope he is representing a small minority. I wouldn't like to have such person living in my society, and - if he would - I'd complain about it to my government and have them lock him up and take the children outta his custody. Not only is he a danger to his own children - he's hijacking Lebanese society, its children as well. That's what I thought of when I saw the photo of this Lebanese toddler with that unbearable amount of hurt in his eyes that was hit by Israeli weapons that should be targetting a father that wish to fire his children as living rockets into Israel......


i'm glad you are convinced. i was reading your comments here and there, and was wandering about the peace you were talking about.... but i'm glad (as much as i can be) that more and more israelis are doing this step.
ofcourse HZA are the bad guys, but we shouldn't spend our time and lifes because of that. there is better ways.

about the the dutch forum: 1. stop, it's not good for you!
2. there's a problem with europeans, i wouldn't want to call it antishemit but they just don't know shit about what's going on
I found your weblog on freesyria and you saw the trouble I had there: banned. :-(

I would like to comment but I don't want to do it before asking you. You saw the strong reaction and they might come here too.

I have not seen what you wrote on freesyria's weblog, Gaby... that's why I wondered why "Gaby" was mentioned :s:

Please feel free to comment here whenever you like, the only thing I appreciate commenters to adhere to is to avoid insulting :)

Wintermotek, that's the core-issue: EVERYBODY wants peace, we only differ in the ways we think we can obtain it :)

Thanks for your comment,

You make good points, but the central thing I keep going back to is that the Lebanese had not made any effort to disarm Hezbollah, and I cannot imagine they would have done anything, had Israel not intervened. I also would imagine that the Israeli government contacted the Lebanese government and asked them if they would participate in disarming Hezbollah, and they were rebuffed.

Finally, given the fact that the Lebanese government stated they will fight alongside Hezbollah - it makes one wonder if the myth of the moderate Lebanese government really was a myth.

Anyway, you posted issues I grapple with.

Btw, I finally got around to adding your blog to my link list. :-)
:) Nice to know I am not the only one facing this dilemna, not knowing what side to take :)
Somebody on the other side shares the same feeling, you have no idea how good it feels :)

Minority? what would you think of a 23%? sigh ...
23%, enough to create a civil war if our government uses force with hizb. Hence, force is not the answer, not unless you want to kiss Lebanon good bye.
I'm glad to see that you've come to some resolution Tse. Over in the U.S., a lot of people are afraid to critisize Israel for fear of being called anti-Semitic. I know I've had a couple such barbs thrown my way (that's what you get for mere criticism, and I'm not even talking about outright condemnation).

That is changing though.

Yet, that struggle hardly compares with what you and other Israeli's are trying to work out in your own heads now. Good luck. I don't know what I would do myself if I was in your situation.

We can only find another way if we try.
Hello Tsedek...
Ive been reading much recently.I went through your blog morethan once today and yesterday.
I am preferring to listen ,not to talk ( blog ) this 2 weeks. I have to learn what othersare saying.

Good day...
Takje care
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Flood the Lebanese Army with good weapons? They would wind up in the hands of HA and be used against Israel.

It is not weapons that make an Army. It is will.
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